KENYA – Maisha Flour Mills Ltd, one of the most reputable millers in Kenya has won the New Product of the Year Award for its top-quality whole grain wheat flour ‘Maisha Grandma’s Stoneground Wholemeal Atta’ during the best of its kind Food Awards ceremony held on June 16 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Since its first edition in 2017, the Africa Food Awards recognizes and celebrates the best companies, products, initiatives, and individuals in Africa’s rising food manufacturing, retail, academia, and food service sector.

The award-winning brand ‘Maisha Grandma’s Stoneground Meal’ from Maisha Mills is Stone-ground whole-wheat flour made from grinding whole wheat kernels in grind mills or stone mills. The flour retains both germ and the bran making it nutritionally superior.

Accepting the award at the ceremony, Kamaldeep Phull, the CEO of Maisha Flour Mills expressed gratitude adding that the brand deserved the recognition for its awesomeness and uniqueness.

According to him, Maisha Grandma’s Stoneground Wholemeal Atta is made from carefully selected whole grains, this flour retains the natural goodness, fiber, and nutrients of the grains, providing a flour that nourishes and satisfies.

Just as the name suggests, Grandma knows what is best for the family,” Kamaldeep Phull, the CEO of Maisha Flour Mills said.

He added that the company’s strategy in exploiting stone-grinding technology takes it back to ancient times away from the current world of highly refined foods.

Our strategy takes us back from the current world to the stone-ground wholemeal flour made the traditional way, the way you should be eating it,” he stated.

The celebrated milestone was received during the Food Awards ceremony held on June 16 in Nairobi, Kenya which was celebrating excellence and encouraged the adoption of world-class practices and technologies in Africa’s food manufacturing, retail, and service sectors.

Among other winners in this category were National Foods Zimbabwe’s Pearlenta Smart Carbs Cereals, Pearlenta Nutri Active, Batex Miller’s Ungano Mixed Wheat Flour, and Soko Nutrigo from Kenya’s Capwell Industries among others.

The Africa Food Awards took place during the Africa Food Industry Week, which consists of high-level events such as the Africa Sustainability Symposium, AFMASS Food Expo, and the Africa Food Safety Summit, all held in Nairobi, Kenya.

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