Get ready to unlock your business potential like never before!

Are you ready to unlock your business potential, gain valuable clients, and showcase your products to a targeted audience? Look no further than AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa – the epicenter of innovation, networking, and business growth for the food manufacturing, retail, and HORECA sectors. As we gear up for our highly anticipated 8th edition, get ready to showcase your cutting-edge technologies and products, tap into emerging market trends, and attract potential investors who await you. Join us from June 12-14, 2024, at the Sarit Expo Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, and unlock a world of possibilities for your business.

But wait, there’s more! AFMASS Food Expo isn’t just an ordinary trade show – it’s a transformative experience that propels your business to new heights. With successful editions held in Kenya, Zambia, and Tanzania since 2015, AFMASS Food Expos have carved a path of unparalleled success and growth.

Now, picture yourself as an exhibitor stepping into our vibrant expo halls, your pavilion a gateway to innovation and opportunity. Envision meeting with willing buyers, industry leaders, visionaries, and game-changers, all eager to connect, collaborate, and catalyze transformative change in the food industry.

The stage is set, and the spotlight is on you – our esteemed exhibitors! Get ready to showcase your innovations, launch innovative products, and gain industry recognition like never before. It’s time to take your place at the forefront of industry innovation.

Explore AFMASS Pavilions

Are you ready to explore our eight specialized pavilions, each brimming with endless opportunities for your business? Let’s explore them together:

Africa Milling & Baking Expo: Elevate Your Grain Solutions

Players in grain storage, processing, and baking technologies, this is your platform to shine! From cutting-edge grain cleaning innovations to digital supply chain technologies, the Africa Milling & Baking Expo pavilion is where industry leaders gather to discover the latest advancements.

Africa Ingredients Expo: Unleash Flavorful Creations

Calling all suppliers in color additives, sweeteners, spices, and functional ingredients! The Africa Ingredients Expo pavilion is your canvas to showcase products that add depth and excitement to culinary creations. Unleash your creativity and captivate the taste buds of attendees.

Dairy Manufacturing Africa Expo: Craft Dairy Excellence

Dairy aficionados and producers, the Dairy Manufacturing Africa Expo pavilion beckons you! Showcase your finest dairy products, innovative processing technologies, and quality assurance practices. Join us and craft dairy excellence that captivates both taste and health-conscious consumers.

Africa Beverages Expo: Quenching Thirst, Inspiring Taste

Attention beverage manufacturers, creators, and tech providers, the Africa Beverages Expo pavilion awaits your thirst-quenching innovations! Showcase your diverse range of beverages, from refreshing juices to energizing sodas and tantalizing cocktails. Demonstrate cutting-edge technology, equipment, and solutions that revolutionize the beverage industry. Inspire taste buds and captivate consumers with your unique flavors, packaging designs, and innovative technologies at this vibrant expo.

Africa Meat & Poultry Expo: Deliver Prime Quality

Meat and poultry suppliers, this is your opportunity to shine! The Africa Meat & Poultry Expo pavilion awaits your prime cuts, processing innovations, and sustainable production methods. Deliver quality that meets the highest standards and leaves a lasting impression on buyers

Africa Fresh Produce Expo: Harvest Freshness, Cultivate Growth

Fresh produce growers and distributors, the Africa Fresh Produce Expo pavilion is where freshness meets growth! Present your farm-fresh bounty, sustainable farming practices, and innovative distribution models. Harvest freshness and cultivate growth in the ever-evolving produce market.

Africa Food Market Expo: Present a Feast for the Senses

Food market players, suppliers, and innovators, the Africa Food Market Expo pavilion invites you to embrace culinary diversity! Showcase a wide range of food products, gourmet delights, and innovative solutions that cater to diverse consumer tastes. Join us and become a part of the vibrant food market scene, celebrating the richness and diversity of Africa’s culinary heritage.

Africa Packaging Expo: Package Innovation, Seal Success

Packaging experts and suppliers, the Africa Packaging Expo pavilion is your stage for innovation! Display your state-of-the-art packaging solutions, eco-friendly materials, and branding strategies that speak volumes. Package innovation and seal success with every product showcase.

Don’t let this golden opportunity to be part of Africa’s leading food industry trade show slip through your fingers! Still not convinced? I guarantee that the next section will have you eagerly rushing to secure not just one booth, but perhaps even multiple booths to showcase your offerings.

Why Exhibit with Us?

Participating as an exhibitor at AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa 2024 is not just a choice; it’s a strategic decision with far-reaching benefits. Here’s why choosing AFMASS Food Expo is your key to unlocking success and innovation:

Launch Innovations to a Captive Audience

Our expos provide a prime opportunity to launch your latest innovative products and services directly to your target audience. Engage with current and potential customers in the region, showcase your offerings, and gather valuable feedback to refine your strategies and offerings.

Showcase Industry Leadership

Gain a competitive edge by showcasing your industry leadership at the conference and Expo Hall. Position your brand as a thought leader and innovator in the food manufacturing, retail, and HORECA sectors, demonstrating your commitment to excellence and driving industry standards.

Share Insights and Expertise

Gain deep insights into market opportunities, emerging technologies, and future trends through our high-level industry conference and interactive sessions. Contribute to discussions on food innovation, efficiency, risk management, sustainability, digitalization, and other topical issues, showcasing your expertise and thought leadership.

Network with Industry Leaders

Our expo isn’t just about business transactions; it’s about forging meaningful connections, gaining industry insights from top leaders, and staying ahead of the curve in terms of innovation and sustainability.

AFMASS Food Expo brings together key decision-makers from the food manufacturing, retail, HORECA, government agencies, and industry associations. It’s the ultimate networking hub where you can forge valuable connections, explore collaborations, and expand your professional network within Africa’s rapidly growing food industry.

Gain Extensive Media Coverage

AFMASS Food Expo offers extensive media coverage and reporting through our magazines, websites, and social media platforms throughout the year. Benefit from increased visibility, industry outreach, and brand recognition across Africa and beyond, amplifying your market presence and driving business growth.

Past Exhibitors

Past exhibitors such as Kerry, Neogen, Tetrapak, Nestle, Buhler, Dormans Coffee, and more have leveraged AFMASS Food Expo to elevate their brand presence, forge strategic alliances, and unlock new growth opportunities. Will your brand be the next success story to emerge from AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa 2024?

How to Participate?

Excited to take the leap and secure your spot at AFMASS Food Expo Eastern Africa 2024? Don’t hesitate – visit our website or contact us directly at +254 725 343 932/ to reserve your booth and embark on a journey of growth and innovation.

Let’s turn your business vision into reality!!

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