FRANCE – Mars Inc., one of the world’s largest food companies, is unleashing a surge of investments in France, announcing a substantial injection of €130 million (approximately US$140 million) across eight of its facilities in the country. 

The focal point of this expansion is bolstering Mars’ pet food business, a move that highlights Mars’ dedication to enhancing operations while driving regional economic prosperity.

At the forefront of these investments is the Saint-Denis-de-L’Hôtel site, home to the production of beloved pet food brands Pedigree and Whiskas. 

Mars plans to allocate a significant portion of the funds towards installing state-of-the-art pet food production lines, ushering in a new era of efficiency and output. 

With approximately 60 new positions set to be created annually, this initiative will modernize existing infrastructure and invigorate the local workforce.

A substantial portion of the investment will also flow into the Aimargues site in Gard, where Mars’ nutritional pet food brand Royal Canin thrives. 

Here, €48 million will be dedicated to renovating facilities to prioritize the well-being of both employees and pets alike. 

From upgraded kennels to solar panels and expanded storage capacities for raw materials, Mars is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship at every step.

Furthermore, Mars is not neglecting its confectionery division, allocating around €50 million to its Alsatian factories, with a significant focus on its iconic M&M brand. 

The Haguenau factory, known as the largest M&Ms production facility in Europe, is slated for a comprehensive overhaul to reduce its environmental impact. 

By replacing equipment with eco-friendly alternatives, Mars anticipates significant reductions in electricity and water consumption, aligning with its commitment to sustainability.

Romain Dumas, Managing Director of Mars Petcare & Food in France, emphasized the company’s dedication to driving sustainable development and supporting local communities. 

He stated, “This investment not only improves our infrastructure but also strengthens our commitment to France’s innovation and prosperity.

Mars aims to actively participate in France’s economic dynamism, fostering a responsible and sustainable future for all stakeholders.

Dumas reiterated Mars’ commitment to reducing emissions and advancing economic reforms, highlighting the company’s eagerness to engage in constructive dialogue with the government. 

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