BELGIUM – Mondelez International, one of the world’s largest snacks companies, has announced plans to invest €30 million (US$32.72 million) in its baking facility in Herentals, Belgium as part of its strategy to expand presence in the European biscuit market.

Food Business News reports that the company revealed that the investment is expected to transform the plant into “a more modern, flexible and competitive” facility while increasing production capacity.

The factory produces Prince, Tuc, and PiM’s biscuits. According to Mondelez, the new installations at the facility in Herentals, Antwerp are set to be operational by early next year.

The upgrades will focus on the plant’s core production lines, specifically the installation of a new production line for Tuc crackers which will create an additional 6,500 tonnes capacity for the biscuit brand, available to support up to 40% future growth, Mondelez said.

The Cadbury maker also plans to add a production hall for Prince biscuits. The hall will be installed and become operational in early 2024, Mondelez said, and will produce chocolate cream filling with the latest technology for Prince biscuits

Bart De Geest, the plant director said: “This significant investment will continue the modernizing of the production installations in our Herentals facility, and create a highly efficient and robust supply infrastructure for our iconic biscuits such as Prince, Tuc, and PiM’s

Alongside these investments, the company noted that the facility’s PiM’s line will be upgraded with a new cake-baking unit and an upgrade of the chocolate process.

Mondelez highlighted that the PiM’s oven will be one of the first ones within the company’s supply chain network in Europe to make the transition from gas to electrical energy, supporting the company’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions in its manufacturing processes.

For Bastogne, packaging equipment will be installed to create sales opportunities. The plant also will implement new IT systems for the management of the warehouse and production system to further secure and improve production efficiency.

Mondelez’s presence in Belgium includes two production facilities: one being the Herentals baking site and the other in Namur for processed cheese, employing over 2,000 people in the country.

The multinational factory produces 70,000 tonnes of cookies per year. The company reported net revenues of circa US$31bn for 2022, with Europe generating US$11.4bn.

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