MOROCCO – In a bid to mitigate the adverse effects of drought on the agricultural sector, the government has set raft measures expected to provide a much-needed boost to Morocco’s agricultural industry, safeguarding food security and strengthening the economy.

Recently, the government launched the ‘The Generation Green Plan 2020-2030’ initiative, a drive to achieve greater food security for cereal crops by 2030, notably through strengthening the certified seed sector to offer better varieties to farmers.

In June, the government went ahead to launch a comprehensive plan allocating a US$1 billion budget to the agriculture sector.

The Morocco World News reports that from the allocation, the government has set aside US$400 million that will be utilized to aid farmers with the purchase and distribution of inputs while another $100 million will be dedicated to enhancing Credit Agricole and improving farmers’ access to financing as stated in the FAS report.

Further, the government decided to halt its common wheat import support program, as prices declined with the arrival of the new world wheat crop and other factors alleviating inflationary pressures.

Import duties on wheat and barley will also remain scrapped until the end of 2023 to encourage stock building and ensure sufficient supplies in the market.

Morocco’s cereal production is forecasted to jump 62% in MY2023/24 on the back of improved weather conditions, the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the US Department of Agriculture has said.

The news couldn’t be more welcome in a country that is recovering from one of its worst drought that led to a 60% decline in cereal production in MY2022/23.

The FAS report highlighted the significant progress the Moroccan government made to support its farmers and revitalize the agricultural sector.

However, it also emphasized the need for sustained efforts and long-term strategies to ensure resilience against future droughts and climate-related challenges.

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