GERMANY-  Mühlenchemie is marking its 100 years in the flour improvement industry with a brand refresh that will see the German-based company trade as MC from now onwards.

In the rebranding, Mühlenchemies modernized the logo to emphasize “MC” as the short form of Mühlenchemie, with a confident, dynamic, and international look. 

This makes  Mühlenchemie’s brand even more tangible worldwide, with the new corporate design applying to all levels of the company and going into use immediately. 

However, the brand’s roots remain visible and recognizable through the combination of the corporate colors and the lozenge, as a symbol of wheat and a key visual element.

The new brand outfit follows careful market analysis and customer surveys. The relaunch seeks to communicate the company’s values and self-image into the future and underline its role as a global market leader and direct partner of mills and millers worldwide. 

The new design needed to represent a logical development of the brand and evolution as opposed to revolution.  

With our tagline ‘Understanding Flour’ we express this self-image, and our new look further emphasizes it,” explains Peter Steiner, Global Head of Business Unit Mühlenchemie.

Underpinned by a team of over 150 researchers and developers, MC serves over 2000 mills in more than 150 countries and has 12 Stern-Technology Centers, including Mexico, Singapore, India, China, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Kenya, and Nigeria. 

The expertise and knowledge of these scientists get bundled at the central “Futuremaker” Stern-Technology Center in Germany and turned into tailor-made solutions for the requirements of the worldwide milling industry.

Today we’re a global player in flour improvement and standardization. Each year our solutions treat over 150 million tonnes of wheat, making a valuable contribution to the food security of the global population. In our 100 years of history, we have developed many innovations that were and remain pioneering in the industry,” Steiner said. 

Sentiments from millers globally 

While unveiling its new brand name, MC  also invited millers to share their visions for the flour industry in celebration of the World Flour Day  at the FlourWorld Museum in Wittenburg. 

The FlourWorld Museum in Wittenburg initiated World Flour Day and houses the world’s biggest collection of flour sacks, dedicated to flour and the millers of the world, who supply humanity with flour daily.. 

The shared visions revolved around education, innovation, fortification, food security, and continual improvement. Some of them are as follows: 

To sustainably shape the future of milling, we need the right skills with the right knowledge and tools to implement in daily practice,” says Priscilla Bakalian, Head of training at the African Milling School.

Given the current population growth and the challenge to feed billions of people in the coming years, I can only see a solution by innovating ways to make the most out of the limited grain resources,” Mariam Al-Hazaa, Business Development Manager Al-Hazaa Investment Group. 

Looking at the future of flour, fortification plays an increasingly important role. Research shows that globally, one in two preschool-aged children and two in three women of reproductive age have at least one micronutrient deficiency,” Leo Schulte-Vennbur,  Manager, Food Fortification & Partnerships, SternVitamin.

As Eris Flour, we have adopted the vision of constantly increasing our value-added contribution to our world… by using our accumulated knowledge, experience, and good relationships with a philosophy of continuous change and development towards the good,” Stern Ingredients Türkiye. 

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