THAILAND- Hosted by their affiliate, Stern Ingredients Asia-Pacific, Mühlenchemie, a leading flour ingredients specialist, had its grand celebration of a century of understanding flour, labeled MC100, in the city of Phuket, Thailand.

Torsten Wywiol, the CEO of Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, set the celebratory tone by emphasizing the importance of building strong relationships in business. 

Doing business is making friends, and we will continue to grow together as one big MC family,” said Wywiol, expressing gratitude for the familiar faces present at the event.

The heart of the celebration lay in the convergence of knowledge sharing and fostering special business relationships. Stern Ingredients Asia-Pacific warmly welcomed over 100 guests, including more than 60 sales network partners, customers, guests from Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, and colleagues from across the Asia-Pacific region. 

The international gathering showcased the breadth of the MC family, with representatives from countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Taiwan.

Stern Ingredients Asia-Pacific has been a crucial presence in the region since its founding in 2001 as Mühlenchemie Asia. Their commitment to building enduring relationships with customers and partners was evident, as many attendees had been part of their journey since inception.

The day commenced with a technical conference, addressing crucial topics like flour fortification, a significant concern in the region. Annette Büter, among other esteemed speakers, shared insights and expertise, captivating the audience with their knowledge and experience. 

The event also featured discussions on MC’s evolution from chemistry to biochemistry, the pursuit of product perfection through digital tools, and a glimpse of the latest anniversary product collection, marking the centenary.

A thought-provoking panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Lutz Popper, provided a platform for guests to gain firsthand insights into the current happenings within the milling industry, directly from esteemed customers.

The celebration continued with dinner and true to Asian party culture, the evening was infused with the spirit of fun and camaraderie, culminating in a lively karaoke session, during which the Stern Ingredients Asia-Pacific team belted out the MC song, led by Peter Steiner.

Reflecting on the journey and looking ahead, Hendrik Moegenburg, the regional director for Asia, expressed optimism about the growth in the Southeast Asia region. 

Ever since the beginning of the business here in Asia, trust has been the key to our success,” said Moegenburg, acknowledging the trust and loyalty of their customers, which has been pivotal in forging deeper connections.

The choice of the celebration venue held a deeper significance, paying homage to Phuket’s rich history in the tin industry. Known as “black gold” in Phuket, tin played a vital role in shaping the region’s past. 

The choice of location added a meaningful touch to the celebration, honoring the legacy of “black gold” while celebrating the milestone of “white gold”—the foundation of Stern-Wywiol Gruppe’s success.

As the MC100 celebration concluded, all eyes were set on the promising future, filled with exciting prospects and collaborations, as the MC family eagerly anticipates the next milestones in Asia and beyond.