TURKEY- Muhlenchemie, a global player in the milling industry, celebrated its final centenary event with grandeur in Izmir, Turkey, marking the conclusion of the MC100 World Tour, a global journey celebrating a century of providing flour milling solutions.

Norman Loop, Regional Director of EMEA, captured the essence of the occasion, emphasizing the profound impact of diverse markets and cultures converging to create innovative solutions.

The biggest developments happen when different markets and cultures meet to create solutions together,” Norman summed up the grand finale of the MC100 World Tour in Turkey.

With over 80 distinguished guests in attendance, the event featured various presentations that revolved around the role of the milling industry in the context of a growing world population.

One key theme of the event was exploring the potential of enzymes as a valuable solution. Lutz Popper addressed this topic in his presentation, shedding light on how enzymes can play a pivotal role in addressing challenges posed by the surging global population.

Furthermore, the event delved into the broader concept of sustainable solutions, with experts sharing insights on how the milling industry can contribute to a more sustainable future.

Sven Mattutat, a notable figure at Muhlenchemie, introduced the audience to the company’s new anniversary product range, marking a significant step in the evolution of their offerings.

The event also held a special moment when the “Aegean Chamber of Exports” bestowed an award upon Muhlenchemie, recognizing the company’s outstanding contributions to the export sector.

Dr. Matthias Moser, representing Muhlenchemie, graciously accepted the award as a symbol of the company’s growing global reach.

Norman Loop, in his concluding remarks, emphasized the shared commitment of Muhlenchemie, its partners, and customers to support the milling industry on a global scale and enhance global supply chains.

The event showed that with our partners and customers, we share a common goal, to support milling worldwide and improve global supply chains. Together, we will continue to bring new and innovative enzyme technology to markets in the coming years,” he added.

He expressed a strong resolve to continue bringing new and innovative enzyme technology to markets in the years ahead.

Amidst the insightful presentations and discussions, guests could savor a delightful array of baked goods worldwide, with baking technicians showcasing their expertise through a delectable spread including pretzels, croissants, soufflés, and cakes.

The celebration continued with a memorable boat ride as the day transitioned into the evening. Accompanied by a live band, the attendees came together to rock to the MC song, culminating in a joyous and festive end to this unique and momentous centenary tour.

Cenk Engin, Operations Manager at SternIngredients Turkey, expressed his gratitude and optimism.

It was a pleasure and an honor to share our happy anniversary with our customers and provide them insights into our products and production facility. I am confident that our partnerships will continue to thrive, and products like Enhancer, DFX, and our 100-year product line will be in greater demand. I look forward to the next 100 years of success and innovation!” he concluded.