USA- The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) board of directors has elevated former vice president of communications and industry relations, Neil Caskey to the chief executive officer, effective Feb. 27.

The NCGA represents almost 40,000 dues-paying corn growers and the interests of more than 300,000 farmers who contribute through corn checkoff programs in their states and has been looking for a new CEO for the last two months. 

The association and its 50 affiliated state associations and checkoff organizations collaborate to help protect and advance the interests of corn growers in the USA, which is the world’s largest corn producer.

Caskey has been at the forefront of some of NCGA’s top issues in his 4-year VP career, and the board found him fit to replace Jon Doggett, the former CEO who left the association at the end of 2022.

Before NCGA, Caskey promoted agricultural issues as executive vice president at OBP Agency for a decade and has worked in a similar capacity for the American Soybean Association for four years.

Neil’s experience in agriculture is extensive, and he is well known as someone who gets the job done well,” said Tom Haag, president of the NCGA. “The board and I are certain that Neil will usher in new ideas and take the organization to new heights.”

Caskey is looking forward to pushing for progress on some of NCGA’s top issues, like the Next Generation Fuels Act, fighting Mexico’s ban on genetically modified corn, and securing reauthorization of the farm bill.

Caskey’s promotion has come during a time when the NCGA has a significant role in protecting corn farmers from losing one of their biggest export markets, Mexico, which has a decree to ban the import of genetically engineered corn from the year 2024.

Biotechnology has revolutionized farming, allowing farmers to grow more corn and other crops to feed more people using less land, chemicals, and resources.

Moreover, U.S. regulators and leading science and health organizations worldwide have determined and long maintained that biotech products currently on the market are safe and beneficial.

“It is quite an honor to lead an organization that I care so much about,” Caskey said in a statement. 

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