MEXICO – Nestlé Purina has announced a substantial investment of CHF 200 million (appromately US$221 million) to expand its pet food production facility in the bustling city of Silao, Mexico, underscoring its commitment to the Latin American market. 

This expansion initiative aims to meet the region’s blooming demand for pet food and solidify Purina’s position as a frontrunner in the pet care industry.

The expansion project will integrate a third line dedicated to producing wet pet food and introduce a fourth line specializing in dry pet food. 

Once completed, the Silao plant is poised to emerge as the largest pet food manufacturing facility in Latin America, equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the production of premium-quality products.

Mexico is paramount for Nestlé Purina, and serves as its foremost market in Latin America, contributing a substantial 45% to its total sales in the region. 

Moreover, it is Purina’s fourth-largest global market, highlighting the nation’s pivotal role in its international strategy.

Mexico is a key part of Nestlé Purina’s operations in Latin America, serving as a strategic hub and a significant market. 

Laurent Freixe, Chief Executive Officer of Zone Latin America at Nestlé, reiterated the company’s commitment to Mexico, emphasizing its role in fostering local communities and delivering high-quality products that align with Mexican consumers’ evolving preferences.

Freixe expressed pride in Nestlé Purina’s contribution to Mexico’s development and success, underscoring the nation’s pivotal role in the company’s growth strategy for the region.

The Mexican market is the most important for Purina in Latin America, representing 45% of Purina’s total sales in the region,” Nestlé said in a statement. “It is also the fourth-largest market for Purina worldwide, highlighting the growing importance of emerging economies for the pet-food business.”

In other regions, an investment in one of Nestlé’s US Purina pet food plants, based in Jefferson, Wisconsin, was announced in April. In February, a second round of capex was also revealed for Hungary, directed at the Purina facility in Bük, a town in Vas County. The first round for the Bük factory was unveiled last October.

In April, Italy was also a capex recipient when Nestlé said it would invest in a new pet food plant in Mantua.

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