USA – Nestlé Purina PetCare’s ambitious project to construct a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Clermont County, Ohio, is rapidly progressing, with expectations of full operational capacity within the next 12 months.

The upcoming 1.3 million-square-foot facility in Williamsburg Township marks a significant milestone for Purina, being the first ground-up construction since 1975. 

Initially estimated at a US$550 million investment, the plant aims to bolster the production of Purina’s renowned Pro Plan, ONE, and Dog Chow brands of dry dog and cat food.

Building a greenfield plant provides Purina with the opportunity to equip the facility with innovation and to make production and logistics as streamlined and efficient as possible,” the company stated.

Central to this innovation is the incorporation of an on-site automated warehousing system. With conveyors already installed within the sprawling 10-story structure, further equipment fitting and testing are underway. 

Moreover, Purina is integrating digital and automated technologies into the production process to ensure product integrity and enhance workplace safety.

One notable feature of the new plant is its Manufacturing Experience Center, slated to offer insights into Purina’s manufacturing processes. 

The space will be used to help demystify manufacturing and showcase the various skilled trades and digital-focused practices embraced in today’s processes,” Purina elaborated.

The construction process has already seen substantial material usage, including 23,000 yards of concrete, nearly 82,000 feet of pipe, 351,000 tons of stone, 3,600 geo piers, and 13,800 tons of structural steel.

Regarding employment, the hiring drive is well underway, with 50 associates already on board, and plans to fill around 50 more positions by the end of March. By the close of 2024, Purina anticipates a workforce exceeding 300 individuals at the plant.

However, with progress comes responsibility, and Purina is keenly aware of its commitment to safety. Collaborative safety training sessions with emergency services have identified areas where enhancements are necessary. 

Consequently, Purina is contributing over US$237,000 to bolster Williamsburg Township Emergency Services, facilitating upgrades to equipment and training programs.

According to the company, the investment isn’t solely about enhancing Purina’s production capacity; it’s a commitment to the community’s welfare and fostering a culture of safety and innovation. 

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