FRANCE- Adisseo-owned Nor-Feed, a pioneer in the development of natural alternatives derived from plants for animal nutrition and health, has unveiled the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of its citrus extract feed additive. 

This move marks a significant stride towards transparency and sustainability, aligning with Nor-Feed’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Published in the esteemed scientific journal Animals, the LCA was conducted in collaboration with EVEA, a specialized and independent consultancy firm. The assessment comprehensively explores the environmental impact of manufacturing, distributing, and utilizing Nor-Feed’s citrus extract feed additive in broiler chicken and swine productions.

Nor-Feed’s LCA underlines the benefits of incorporating the citrus extract feed additive into swine and broiler chicken diets. The environmental performance assessment showcases its potential to mitigate the environmental impacts associated with meat production. 

Notably, the study reveals that the use of 25kg of the citrus extract feed additive in broiler production results in a net reduction of 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions. 

This research, subject to rigorous scientific peer review, positions Nor-Feed’s plant-based feed additives as a dual-force solution: enhancing animal zootechnical performances while simultaneously minimizing the environmental footprint of meat production chains.

The same methodology has been applied to Nor-Feed’s main products, with detailed Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) data now accessible on the company website. 

This initiative reinforces Nor-Feed’s dedication to transparency, allowing stakeholders to make informed choices and further contributing to the company’s CSR strategy.

Founded in 2003, Nor-Feed has been at the forefront of developing natural alternatives based on plants and plant extracts for animal nutrition and health. The company’s core objectives include eliminating the use of synthetic molecules, such as antibiotics and pesticides, in animal feed and actively participating in reducing the animal production footprint.

Nor-Feed’s commitment to sustainability, as demonstrated by the LCA of its citrus extract feed additive, positions the company as a key player in the evolution of eco-friendly solutions within the animal nutrition and health industry.

In the company’s efforts to achieve strategic growth, in June 2023, Nor-Feed Holding signed an agreement to acquire the Nor-Feed Vietnam shares owned by NAN Group, thus becoming the sole shareholder of the Vietnamese company.

Nor-Feed Vietnam was established in 2016, as a joint venture between Nor-Feed Holding and NAN Group.

The company has gradually introduced its botanical additives on the Vietnamese feed market, supported by university and research station work and field validation trials.

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