USA-Novus International Inc, a global animal health and nutrition company, has acquired biotech company Agrivida Inc to accelerate the deployment of innovative animal health and nutrition solutions.

The move comes barely two years after the two players began a commercial partnership to support the sale of the then Agrivida start‐up’s flagship product, GRAINZYME which addresses producer pains through sustainable and disruptive technology.

The purchase for an undisclosed sum, gives Novus ownership of the proprietary INTERIUS technology that Agrivida developed to embed feed additives inside the grain.

According to Novus, Agrivida comes in handy on functional proteins under the already accomplished GRAINZYME technology which will cover the enzyme category making the Novus innovation team only concentrate on antibodies embedded in grain.

 “Single‐domain antibodies present an opportunity to naturally address the health challenges producers face in antibiotic‐reduced and antibiotic‐free production. 

Adding on to the benefits that INTERIUS brings to the table, Zimmerman, Vice President, and Chief Innovation Officer of Novus said that the technology is cost-effective since it reduces the essence of fermentation of grains as additives are abended into the grain to allow direct consumption after grinding.

Moreover, “traditionally these efforts would require blended products, which would mean more processing and cost but the INTERIUS technology delivers this benefit in a single-ingredient-corn”

“Instead of manufacturing feed additives by fermentation, INTERIUS technology tells the grain how to make the additive directly in the grain”.

Novus president, Dan Meagher, said that they have already explored and understood what INTERIUS technology is capable of since they have been in partnership since 2020.

He added that the technology would revolutionize the feed additive industry through the expression of high‐value, functional proteins inside the grain, creating new products that are sustainable, both environmentally and operationally.

On the other hand, Agrivida noted that joining Novus will “bring multiple products to market and attain a global reach to deliver new, technology‐based solutions faster than before.”

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