USA- Novus International Inc., an American animal health and nutrition company, has successfully finalized the acquisition of BioResource International Inc. (BRI), a prominent U.S.-based enzyme company. 

Under the terms of the agreement, Novus assumes ownership of all BRI’s products, intellectual property, and operational facilities, marking a significant milestone in Novus’s expansion strategy.

Dan Meagher, President and CEO of Novus expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, highlighting its potential to enrich customer service capabilities and advance the company’s innovation pipeline. 

Meagher emphasized the pivotal role of enzymes in ensuring animal health, welfare, and on-farm profitability, underscoring Novus’s commitment to offering a diversified range of solutions tailored to meet evolving industry needs.

The synergy between Novus and BRI dates back to 2008, with Novus previously partnering with BRI to manufacture its protease product, CIBENZA Enzyme Feed Additive. With full ownership and control of BRI’s product line, Novus aims to expand its portfolio beyond protease enzymes, aligning with the company’s long-term strategic objectives.

As a leader in intelligent nutrition, Novus is dedicated to investing in functional proteins, enhancing gut health, and strengthening supply chain management,” stated Meagher. “Acquiring BRI not only reinforces these strategic imperatives but also augments our capacity to pioneer innovative solutions in the fermentation domain.”

BRI’s extensive product portfolio encompasses a range of essential feed additives, including Versazyme protease feed additive, Xylamax xylanase feed enzyme, Dymanase mannanase enzyme, and Phytamax granulated, thermostable microbial 6-phytase enzyme, among others. 

Giles Shih, Ph.D., co-founder, and CEO of BRI, hailed the acquisition as a pivotal moment in the company’s evolution, enabling the combined expertise of BRI and Novus to drive future growth and innovation.

The acquisition not only grants Novus access to BRI’s product portfolio but also encompasses the integration of BRI’s operational facilities in North Carolina, USA. Meagher reassured BRI customers of a seamless transition, emphasizing a commitment to business continuity throughout the integration process.

Novus’s diverse portfolio includes bis-chelated organic trace minerals, essential oils, liquid and dry methionine, and a global network of experts guiding management best practices. 

As a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. Ltd. and Nippon Soda Co. Ltd., Novus is poised to leverage its expanded capabilities to deliver enhanced value to customers worldwide, driving innovation and sustainability in the animal nutrition industry.

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