OMAN- Oman Flour Mills Co. (OFMC) celebrated a significant milestone on December 13 with the official inauguration of its new feed mill in Muttrah. 

The state-of-the-art facility, boasting a production capacity of 20 tonnes per hour, marks a significant advancement in the country’s efforts to bolster local animal feed production and reduce dependence on imports.

Construction of the mill commenced in November 2022, and the ceremony attracted industry leaders, government officials, and stakeholders. The Times of Oman reported on the event, highlighting the strategic importance of the new feed mill in Oman’s agricultural and livestock sectors.

Haitham Mohamed al Fannah, Chief Executive Officer of OFMC, emphasized the uniqueness of the facility during the inauguration ceremony. 

This isn’t just another plant,” he remarked. “It’s designed to churn out 20 tonnes of specialized feed every hour, catering to the distinct nutritional needs of various livestock.”

The feed mill is not only a symbol of technological innovation but also a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Fannah explained that the facility operates with a minimal environmental footprint, incorporating cutting-edge technology such as robotics for streamlined packaging and advanced control systems for real-time adjustments.

Our robots not only simplify packaging but also cut costs,” Fannah said. “This ensures uniformity and precision. Our advanced control systems oversee every aspect of production. They ensure the consistency of our feed and allow real-time adjustments, ensuring top-notch quality.”

The facility also features a 6-tonnes-per-hour pre-mix unit, adding versatility to its capabilities. The incorporation of these technologies aligns with OFMC’s vision to enhance efficiency, reduce production costs, and maintain the highest standards of quality.

Beyond immediate production goals, the new feed mill plays a pivotal role in supporting the growth of Oman’s livestock sector. By reducing reliance on imports, OFMC aims to meet local and regional demand with high-quality, domestically produced animal feed.

This not only supports the national economy but also strengthens Oman’s agricultural and livestock sectors,” Fannah explained. “The animal feed plants stand central to Oman’s agriculture and livestock vision. They elevate productivity, enhance quality and foster a self-sustained economy.

The inauguration of the Muttrah feed mill signals OFMC’s dedication to advancing Oman’s agriculture and livestock sectors through innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to national self-sufficiency in animal feed production.

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