OMAN – Oman Flour Mills (OFM), the largest integrated food company in the Sultanate of Oman, has been awarded Oman’s Most Powerful Manufacturing Brand 2024 at the World of Economics and Business Magazine Awards (AIWA).

World of Economics is the leading business magazine in the Sultanate of Oman. The company identifies the best Omani brands in partnership with the Arab Research Bureau, identifying the best Omani brands that are trusted and preferred by consumers.

On its LinkedIn page, OFM has expressed excitement for the honor, noting that the award reflects its commitment to quality and innovation.

“We were honoured at the World of Economics and Business Magazine Awards, where we were awarded Oman’s Most Powerful Manufacturing Brand 2024. This reflects our commitment to quality and innovation,” OFM said in a statement on its LinkedIn page.

The company thanked the organizers of the event as well as their customers for their continued support.

The prestigious award comes after the publicly traded subsidiary of Oman Food Investment Holding Company (Nitaj) revealed its strategic vision to acquire several food-related entities and assets as part of an extensive expansion drive across the Gulf region.

Speaking during the company’s newly released 2023 Annual Report, Ahmed Ali al Bulushi, Chairman of OFM repo said the company is “actively pursuing growth opportunities” as part of its expansion strategy.

We are currently engaged in finalizing our strategic roadmap to venture into new segments within the food industry,” he said.

Eyed by the Group is a company operating in the animal feed sector, with a technical consultant already engaged to assess the target’s manufacturing facilities.

The company also revealed that it plans to diversify into the sweets and confectionery business, with Atyab Investments—the investment arm of Oman Flour Mills—currently spearheading the acquisition process.

Additionally, Atyab Food Industries (AFI), a wholly owned subsidiary of OFM, is nearing the completion of due diligence and valuation processes to acquire a prominent bakery in Oman.

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