OMAN- The Sultanate of Oman is investing in a US$97 million animal feed factory as part of the Omani Bioproducts Company’s efforts. 

Omani Bioproducts Company is a partnership between the Omani Mills Group and the Nakheel Oman Development Company.

The factory, to be located in Khazaen Economic City, aims to produce specialized feeds for aquatic organisms, supporting Oman’s commitment to sustainability and agriculture.

With an investment cost of OMR 37 million, the factory will be developed in three phases. The tender for the construction work was issued in June, and the construction contract is anticipated to be awarded before the end of this year. 

Nine local companies have submitted bids for the project, and equipment and machinery are already arriving on-site.

The project is designed to harness agricultural and biological by-products, converting them into value-added products while recycling date by-products such as date kernels, pulp, and palm fronds.

Annually, the factory plans to produce around 100,000 tonnes of alternative grass feed from agricultural residues enriched with dates. Additionally, it aims to generate about 300,000 tonnes of marine life feed for shrimp and fish cultivation in cages.

Utilizing locally available raw materials will cater to the needs of newly established food security projects, covering red meat, dairy products, aquaculture, and marine agriculture. The surplus production is intended to serve both domestic and export markets.

Haitham bin Shakhbout Al Saadi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Omani Bioproducts Company, emphasized that the project aligns with the company’s commitment to the “Oman 2040” vision. 

The initiative embraces circular and bioeconomy concepts, utilizing local raw materials to produce animal feed and aquatic organism products in an economically, environmentally friendly, and sustainable manner.

The Omani Bioproducts Company, established through a partnership between Nakheel Oman Development Company and the Omani Mills Group, operates under the umbrella of the Oman Food Investment Holding Company group. 

It exemplifies a collaborative effort involving companies owned by the Oman Investment Authority, strategic partnerships with the Omani Environmental Services Holding Company “be’ah,” and support from the Ministry of Agricultural Wealth, Fisheries, and Water Resources.

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