ITALY – Omas Industries, a leading provider of cutting-edge flour milling technology, has joined forces with Allegiant Milling and Processing Solutions to spearhead pioneering projects in the milling sector across the Pacific region. 

This strategic partnership aims to bring about a radical transformation in the way milling operations are conducted, with a strong emphasis on reducing energy waste, optimizing flour production, and promoting sustainability.

Sid Jain, the founder and director of Allegiant, underlined the pressing need for innovation in the milling industry within the Pacific region. 

According to Jain, the milling market in this area is well-established, but profit margins often fall short of expectations. 

To address this issue, a growing demand for technology challenges conventional milling practices and provides comprehensive solutions prioritizing sustainability, flexibility, and resilience for our customers. 

Energy costs in the Pacific region are notably high, and many milling facilities still rely on traditional, power-intensive methods. 

I firmly believe that Omas’ innovative and groundbreaking solutions will benefit small family-owned and large corporate milling enterprises by facilitating efficient milling. Furthermore, our regional governments are strongly committed to reducing CO2 emissions and achieving Net Zero targets. We can offer solutions that align with this visionary goal through this partnership,” Jain commented. 

Pietro Barbalarga, the commercial director of Omas Industries, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration and its potential to enhance the company’s presence in the Pacific area. 

According to him, consumers are becoming increasingly discerning about the quality of the flours they consume, and producers are placing greater emphasis on waste reduction and minimizing CO2 emissions. 

Omas is positioned to address these demands through products designed and developed using the most innovative and up-to-date technologies. We are confident that Sid is the ideal representative to embody this philosophy,” Barbalarga commented. 

Omas Industries, founded in Padova, Italy 1966, is renowned for its high-tech flour milling machines and turnkey facilities that have revolutionized the industry.

Allegiant, headquartered in Queensland, Australia, specializes in providing turnkey project solutions for grain milling and individual equipment sales and upgrades.

The partnership between Omas and Allegiant promises to reshape the milling landscape in the Pacific region by offering state-of-the-art solutions that prioritize sustainability, energy efficiency, and profitability.