PORTUGAL – Two Portuguese companies, EntoGreen, and petMaxi, have collaborated to launch an innovative pet food product, happyOne Premium Insect Protein, which features 25% insect protein. 

This new adult dog food product was officially introduced at an event in Lisbon, marking a significant milestone in the pet food industry.

EntoGreen’s Founder and CEO, Daniel Murta, started the event by discussing the significance of innovative products in national and international markets.

He highlighted the unique characteristics of insect proteins, emphasizing their high quality and suitability for inclusion in pet food.

Dr. Rui Fortunato, petMaxi’s Technical Director, detailed the advantages of the new pet food. Notably, happyOne Premium Insect Protein is hypoallergenic and utilizes a single protein source: insects. 

This makes it ideal for pets with sensitivities such as itching, hair loss, and allergic reactions. As part of petMaxi’s Premium range, the product incorporates 25% insect protein and is designed to provide high-quality nutrition for adult dogs.

The launch of happyOne Premium Insect Protein is particularly significant as it is one of the first products developed under the InsectERA Mobilising Agenda. 

This initiative, funded by the Portuguese Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR), aims to introduce over 100 new products, processes, and services by 2026. 

Although the official launch event took place in May, the product has been available on the Portuguese market since February and is currently sold at over 50 physical and online locations, including veterinary clinics and pet shops.

HappyOne Premium Insect Protein is innovative not only because it uses 100% Portuguese insect protein—the first of its kind in Portugal—but also because it reflects a commitment to animal welfare and environmental sustainability. 

The product is made using locally sourced ingredients, with insect protein produced from vegetable by-products within 100 kilometers of production. 

This approach significantly reduces the value chain and environmental impact, aligning with a sustainable and responsible pet food production vision.

This new product by EntoGreen and petMaxi demonstrates a clear commitment to animal health and environmental sustainability. 

It provides a high-quality, hypoallergenic option for pet owners while contributing to a more sustainable future.

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