BELGIUM – Puratos, a renowned figure in the bakery industry, has just introduced a groundbreaking addition to its product lineup: Sapore Lavida, the first entirely traceable active sourdough to emerge from Belgium. 

Crafted solely from 100% whole wheat flour obtained through regenerative agriculture practices, Sapore Lavida is poised to empower bakers across mainland Europe and meet the growing demand for locally sourced, sustainably produced sourdough products.

What distinguishes Sapore Lavida is not just its sustainable sourcing, but its tantalizing flavor profile. With its tangy taste complemented by fruity, lactic, and acetic notes, Sapore Lavida promises to enhance the sensory experience of any baked good it graces. 

Furthermore, its incorporation bolsters the fiber content of white bread, appealing to health-conscious consumers.

The launch of Sapore Lavida signifies the onset of a collaborative endeavor between Puratos and multiple farming cooperatives. Through this partnership, Puratos aims to glean invaluable insights into regenerative agriculture practices, thereby nurturing sustainability throughout the wider bakery industry.

Frederik Lievens, Chief Product Officer at Puratos, underscores the company’s dedication to sustainability, stating, “By committing to purchase a defined volume of a crop before it is sown and focusing its own R&D and marketing efforts on products that use regenerative crops, Puratos is ensuring farmers are not only fairly compensated today but can further invest in regenerative agriculture for tomorrow.

Regenerative agriculture is at the heart of Puratos’s responsible sourcing strategy. This farming approach has the potential to enhance soil health, promote biodiversity, and mitigate carbon emissions, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change.

Looking forward, Puratos intends to leverage its partnerships to delve deeper into the impact of regenerative agriculture on crops, striving to optimize soil health and reduce carbon footprints. 

This ongoing research will be instrumental in encouraging broader adoption of regeneratively farmed ingredients across the bakery sector.

Puratos’s sustainability initiatives extend beyond Belgium to a global scale. With operations spanning twelve countries, the company spearheads sustainable farming endeavors in regions such as the US, Australia, the UK, Italy, and Turkey.

Plans are underway to broaden its range of products crafted from regenerative ingredients, including rye sourdough.

In a parallel development earlier this year, Puratos UK introduced ‘Sapore Sally,’ another sourdough solution crafted from regeneratively farmed flour. 

As Philippa Knight, Marketing Director at Puratos UK, emphasizes, “Sapore Sally acts as a springboard for more responsibly manufactured bakery products, offering customers and consumers ‘seed to sourdough’ transparency.

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