UK- Ingredients manufacturer Puratos has introduced in the UK market Easy Soft’r Brioche, a concentrated mix designed to support the production of premium quality Brioche products with enhanced freshness.

According to the company, the powdered 10% concentrate mix ensures a soft, moist crumb and long-lasting freshness for extended shelf life. 

The brioche is one of the UK’s bakery success stories and has firmly secured itself as a mainstream offering,” Ben Ledger, bakery marketing manager at Puratos UK, commented.

The ingredients specialist described the product as highly versatile and effective, able to mix well with other Puratos ingredients to create varied brioche portfolios, including traditional, plant-based, and lower-fat products.

For example, it could be combined with Puratos’ plant-based butter alternative MIMETIC to create a 100% vegan brioche product or with Puraslim to reduce fat content and retain a ‘clean label.’

It can also be enhanced by adding Puratos’ Sapore Medea, a toasted and dried fermented wheat sourdough flavor, to highlight additional buttery notes.

Puratos also provides that the product can present opportunities to bring “the luxury of brioche” to hybrid formats such as hot cross buns, bagels, packaged croissants, and more.

Easy Soft’r Brioche has been developed to add as much value as possible for bakers by offering convenience while improving texture and extending shelf life, but also giving them the freedom to customize their product ranges in the ways they want to,” Ledger remarked.

Nevertheless, Ledger holds that there is still ample opportunity for growth by adapting traditional recipes to align with the dynamic priorities of modern consumers. 

Puratos Canada acquires chocolate capabilities 

In other news, earlier this month, Puratos Canada announced its acquisition of  Foley’s Chocolate – a leading provider of real and compound chocolate to industrial manufacturers in North America. 

The agreement makes Puratos one of the largest chocolate producers in the country and the only domestic manufacturer of ingredients for bakery, patisserie, and chocolate. 

Apart from expanding the company’s market presence, the combined business will introduce a range of health and well-being-focused ingredients that cater to evolving consumer preferences.

This acquisition is a moment of great pride for all of us. Our strategic fit brings together two highly talented, passionate teams to fuel innovation and propel the industry forward by delivering outstanding products and customer experience,” comments Michael Simone, President at Puratos Canada.

Andrew Elliott, President and CEO of Foley, commented that their dedication to helping their customers grow and succeed in their business is something that Puratos also stands for. 

Joining the Puratos family means accelerating growth by leveraging the talents and incredible portfolio of the combined organization to bring our customers the same great quality and world-class service, with even more added value thanks to Puratos’ initiatives like Cacao-Trace and other innovations,” Elliott remarked. 

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