EUROPE- Nestlé Purina PetCare Europe has announced the launch of its Ocean Restoration Program to address marine biodiversity loss in Europe caused by climate change and human activities.

Partnering with expert organizations, Purina Europe has committed to restoring 1,500 hectares of marine habitats by 2030. This ambitious endeavor equates to approximately 3,700 football pitches and represents a significant step towards marine conservation.

Marine habitats play a vital role in supporting diverse ecosystems, including species integral to Purina’s supply chain. As part of its commitment to sustainability, Purina utilizes fish by-products in its pet food, ensuring minimal waste while promoting responsible sourcing practices.

Investing in innovative restoration solutions, Purina aims to make a tangible impact on marine ecosystems. Collaborating with partners such as the Seagrass Consortium, represented by Sea Ranger Service, Purina will focus on planting seagrass meadows—a critical habitat for biodiversity and carbon capture.

Additionally, initiatives like Oyster Heaven will reconstruct oyster reefs using natural materials. Oysters, renowned for their biodiversity benefits and water filtration capabilities, play a crucial role in enhancing marine environments.

Addressing specific challenges, Urchinomics targets the removal of excess sea urchins to restore kelp beds, while SeaForester employs techniques like mobile seaweed nurseries to revive disappearing seaweed forests. 

These solutions, backed by scientific research and community engagement, hold promise for scalable implementation across Europe.

Kerstin Schmeiduch, Director of Corporate Communications and Sustainability at Purina Europe, expressed enthusiasm for the program’s launch, stating, “We are committed to addressing marine biodiversity loss within our supply chain. Through collaborative efforts with our partners, we aim to restore marine habitats on a significant scale.”

Harry Wright, CEO of Bright Tide, emphasized the importance of collaboration in achieving restoration goals, highlighting the program’s potential to create employment opportunities and foster local economies.

Purina’s Ocean Restoration Program aligns with its broader commitment to promoting the regeneration of ocean and soil ecosystems. As part of these efforts, Purina is dedicated to responsibly sourcing seafood ingredients and supporting initiatives such as The Bycatch Solutions Hub and research on seaweed-based bio-stimulants for regenerative agriculture.

With concerted action and strategic partnerships, Purina Europe is taking proactive steps towards safeguarding marine biodiversity and fostering a sustainable future for generations to come.

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