TANZANIA — Sanku, a non-profit organization and strategic partner of Millers for Nutrition, has inaugurated a new micronutrient premix blending facility in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

This facility aims to facilitate access to high-quality, affordable premix solutions for flour millers, marking a significant advancement in the region’s efforts to combat malnutrition.

The opening of this facility represents a significant milestone for the fortification efforts of flour millers in Tanzania.

As the first commercial nutrient blending facility in East Africa, it addresses the high-cost, low-quality, and logistical challenges millers face when procuring premix for fortification.

This development is expected to enhance the nutritional quality of flour products and contribute significantly to public health improvements.

Millers for Nutrition adds Tanzania to its industry-led coalition

The launch of the micronutrient premix blending facility in Dar Es Salaam on June 15, 2024, was part of a broader initiative by Millers for Nutrition, a coalition committed to reducing malnutrition through food fortification.

Millers for Nutrition recently expanded its operations to include Kenya and Tanzania, emphasizing millers’ vital role in improving public health by adding essential micronutrients to their products.

In Kenya, Millers for Nutrition was launched in Nairobi on June 4, 2024. The event brought together leaders from the food, health, and nutrition sectors to celebrate the coalition’s efforts with a focus on supporting millers of wheat, maize flour, and rice.

A highlight of the event was the Kenya Millers Fortification Index (KMFI) Awards, organized in partnership with the Cereal Millers Association (CMA). The awards recognized local food brands leading the way in nutritional quality, with Jogoo, EXE Whole Meal, and EXE Atta Mark taking the top spots.

Millers for Nutrition offers free technical support to millers in both Kenya and Tanzania. This support includes tailored technical training, product testing, access to online tools, and business advice, helping millers reduce compliance risks and improve production efficiency.

“As nutritional quality improves, members will also benefit as they gain greater recognition for product quality and industry leadership,” Millers for Nutrition stated.

Millers in Kenya and Tanzania interested in joining Millers for Nutrition can find more information at www.millersfornutrition.org.

With the addition of Kenya and Tanzania, Millers for Nutrition operates in eight African and Asian countries, including Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Tanzania.

This expansion underscores the coalition’s commitment to enhancing public health through improved nutrition.

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