SAUDI ARABIA – Sara, a tanker owned by Saudi Arabia’s national shipping carrier Bahri, has docked at Jeddah Islamic Port, delivering 60,000 tonnes of barley from Australia.

The barely was imported by Mansour Al-Mosaid Company and the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company ‘SALIC’ with funding from the Kingdom’s Agricultural Development Fund

The shipment was received by several officials among them Eng Ahmed bin Ali Al-Subaey, the CEO of Bahri and Eng. Sulaiman bin Abdulrahman Al-Rumaih, the CEO f SALIC.

In a statement, Ahmed said that providing staple grains such as barley, wheat, and corn to Saudi Arabia is one of our greatest accomplishments in the food supply chain.

In Saudi Arabia, barley is mostly used for feed and human consumption. Until 2008, Saudi Arabia was self-sufficient in barley.

However, the government limited barley production in the successive years to conserve scarce water resources, as the production exclusively relies on irrigation.

Today, the Kingdom prefers importing the commodity from Australia, owing to its quality, the unique color of the grain, and the efficient handling and shipping logistics according to SAGO.

According to Eng.Ahmed, the modern tanker carrier Sara is one of the several ships added to Bahri’s cargo fleet to meet the needs of customers in the kingdom and the region.

He added that the move will contribute to enhancing food security, one of the main objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.”

SALIC Group CEO, Eng. Sulaiman bin Abdulrahman Al-Rumaih said the move aligns with his company’s role in empowering local agriculture industry since the efforts have been integrated between three national companies.

He further revealed that SALIC contributed to achieving the national goals for food security in strategic commodities by receiving over 1.3 million tonnes of the commodities and products in the Kingdom during the year 2023

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