USA-Scoular, a global supply chain solutions provider, has formed a strategic partnership with Regrow, a prominent provider of science-based greenhouse gas (GHG) measurement and impact reporting, to establish a regenerative agriculture sourcing program. 

The collaboration aims to utilize advanced technology and measurement tools to promote sustainable and climate-smart practices in the agricultural supply chain.

Regrow specializes in providing measurement, reporting, and verification services to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through its Agriculture Resilience Platform. 

The platform consolidates field-level insights to generate reliable and verifiable environmental outcomes data. By utilizing remote sensing technology and a sophisticated soil carbon model

This data will play a crucial role in monitoring the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices and assessing their real-time impact.

The program, scheduled to launch in the spring of 2024, will initially be implemented with producers at specific grain handling facilities. 

Scoular intends to incentivize farmers to adopt and continue using regenerative agricultural practices. The program’s main focus is on developing climate-resilient wheat and corn for food production.

Beth Stebbins, Customer Sustainability Manager at Scoular, expressed enthusiasm about the new offering, stating, “Scoular specializes in unique supply chain solutions, and I’m excited that regenerative sourcing is another offering we are delivering to our customers.”

Regrow’s Chief Operating Officer, Manal Elarab, highlighted the transformative impact of regenerative agriculture on climate change. 

Transforming agriculture has the most profound impact on climate change. This collaboration demonstrates Scoular’s commitment to implementing regenerative practices through its supply chain in a farmer-focused, scalable, and measurable way. We’re thrilled to partner with Scoular and support their program.”

Regenerative agriculture focuses on practices that improve soil health, increase carbon sequestration, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Adopting these practices not only reduces Scope 3 footprints for downstream customers, such as flour mills, livestock production, and consumer packaged goods companies but also fosters biodiversity and promotes water conservation.

Regrow’s Agriculture Resilience Platform monitors 1.3 billion acres across four continents, which is more than 10% of the world’s arable land. 

The platform supports growers in implementing practices projected to reduce more than 598,000 metric tonnes of CO₂ equivalent. Regrow’s industry partners include Nutrien, BASF, Cargill, General Mills, Kellanova (formerly part of Kellogg Co.), and Oatly. 

It further emphasizes the widespread support for sustainable and regenerative practices in the agricultural sector.

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