USA- Scoular has designated its grain handling facility in Adrian, Missouri, as a sustainability showcase hub to pioneer sustainability in the agricultural industry, 

This forward-thinking project introduces an array of sustainable features, from solar panels to an extensive safety training center, with the aim of developing and testing solutions that will benefit farmers, feed and food customers, and the surrounding community. 

The company seeks to promote the significant reduction of resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, all while enhancing product quality and safety.

Already, several impressive sustainability projects are underway at the Adrian facility. During the summer, the facility installed variable frequency drive motors on bunker fans, along with wind speed tracking to control motor output. 

This technological advancement is projected to reduce annual energy consumption by an impressive 67%, showcasing substantial energy efficiency gains.

The facility has also introduced a system for tracking overall fuel and energy usage per bushel. This data will serve as a benchmark for year-over-year efficiency comparisons. 

Additionally, the employees at the facility are actively exploring lower-emission alternatives for equipment, such as electric skid steers, in lieu of conventional internal combustion machines, illustrating their commitment to minimizing their environmental footprint.

Looking ahead to 2024, Scoular has ambitious plans including an on-site solar panel system will be installed, capable of supplying up to 30% of the facility’s annual energy needs with clean, renewable energy. 

Simultaneously, the company is establishing an Environmental Health and Safety Training Center at the facility. This center will serve to educate and provide hands-on learning experiences for Scoular’s operations employees across the company, as well as offer classes for local producers and community members.

Worthwhile collaboration 

Additionally, Scoular recently held a meeting in Adrian with over 40 producers to explore regenerative agriculture practices, in collaboration with the University of Missouri Center for Regenerative Agriculture and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).

TJ Mandl, the Scoular regional manager spearheading this sustainability project, envisions the Adrian facility as the “elevator of the future.” 

We envision a testing ground for everything from operational sustainability strategies to regenerative agriculture practices,” he said. “What’s most exciting is that we’ll share our results and lessons learned with producers, customers, and community members.”

Having undergone a substantial upgrade in 2022, the facility, built in 2012, efficiently handles a range of grains, including corn, wheat, and soybeans. Situated approximately 60 miles south of Kansas City, the operation plays a pivotal role in serving diverse markets, including soybean processors, poultry feeders, and flour mills.

Kate Pitschka, Scoular’s corporate sustainability manager, underscores the company’s dedication to partnering with customers to meet supply chain reduction goals.

The feedback from our customers so far is positive, and we look forward to expanding our impact and reach,” she said. 

Scoular’s sustainable hub in Adrian signifies a significant stride towards reducing the environmental impact and advancing sustainable practices in the agricultural industry, and the benefits will extend to farmers, customers, and the environment, marking a pivotal moment in the agricultural sector’s sustainability journey.