AUSTRALIA – Skretting Australia, the Australian division of Nutreco’s aquaculture branch, and Goterra, a multi-award-winning Australian climate tech start-up, are introducing Australian insect meal into aquaculture feeds. 

This collaboration is set to drive the scaling of key technologies necessary for sustainable food production and marks a significant advancement for the country’s food system.

Goterra’s mission is to mitigate food waste by transforming it into alternative proteins and sustainable fertilizers, contributing to the fight against climate change. 

This partnership aligns with their goals by utilizing food waste to produce insect meal, which will be incorporated into Skretting’s aquafeeds.

Skretting Australia has been a key player in the Australian aquaculture industry since the 1990s, consistently driving feed innovation and sustainability. 

In recent years, the company has shown considerable commitment to developing and validating novel ingredients. This new partnership with Goterra represents the next step in this journey.

As the global and local aquaculture industries continue to grow, developing novel ingredients like insect meals is essential to meet forecasted demand. The local validation of insect meals is a pivotal development for Australian aquaculture, ensuring the industry can expand sustainably.

Skretting Australia and Goterra will work together to validate insect meal in local aquaculture species. 

We are very proud to work with Goterra to unlock this new local protein source and help scale up this emerging technology. Our analysis shows that Goterra’s insect meals have great potential as a source of protein in our aquafeeds. These materials are safe and sustainable and maintain the nutritional benefits consumers expect from high-quality seafood,” Rhys Hauler, Marketing Manager at Skretting Australia, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership. 

Olympia Yarger, CEO and founder of Goterra, highlighted the importance of this collaboration in creating a circular economy.

Yarger also referenced alarming forecasts predicting a 20% shortfall in food production by 2050, underscoring the urgent need for alternative protein sources. 

Collaborating with our offtake customers like Skretting contributes towards their ambitious ESG targets while closing the loop in this circular value chain,” she said.

This partnership is expected to boost Goterra’s growth in Australia significantly. Yarger emphasized the importance of clean, source-separated inputs and long-term, economically sustainable offtake markets for realizing a circular economy sustainably.

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