Skretting, I&V Bio collaborate to revolutionize aquaculture nutrition with new supplement 

Skretting, I&V Bio collaborate to revolutionize aquaculture nutrition with new supplement 

NORWAY- Skretting, a division of Dutch group Nutreco and a global leader in aquafeed solutions, has partnered with I&V Bio, a prominent biotechnology company, to enhance the nutritional value of artemia, commonly known as brine shrimp, in a move set to redefine aquaculture nutrition standards.

Artemia plays a crucial role in the early growth phases of various aquatic species, especially shrimp in aquaculture systems. Recognizing its significance, Skretting and I&V Bio have announced a strategic partnership for the enrichment of artemia using Skretting’s cutting-edge nutritional supplement, ORI-N3.

Developed by Skretting, ORI-N3 is a groundbreaking nutritional supplement enriched with essential proteins, lipids, and micronutrients. Tailored for artemia enrichment, ORI-N3 offers a balanced and comprehensive diet for early-stage aquatic species, ensuring optimal growth rates, increased disease resistance, and overall enhanced health for shrimp.

Skretting, known for formulating high-quality aquafeed, brings a wealth of experience and a vast global distribution network to the partnership. Their deep understanding of the aquaculture industry, combined with a commitment to sustainability, aligns seamlessly with I&V Bio’s vision of transforming aquaculture nutrition.

The collaboration between Skretting and I&V Bio represents a significant stride towards sustainable aquaculture practices. By enhancing the nutritional quality of artemia through ORI-N3, both companies aim to contribute to the overall well-being of aquatic species and the sustainability of the entire aquaculture ecosystem.

As Skretting and I&V Bio embark on this transformative journey, the aquaculture industry anticipates positive outcomes in nutrition, growth, and sustainability, setting a new benchmark for responsible and innovative practices in the field.

Earlier this year, Skretting inaugurated its state-of-the-art production facility for shrimp and fish feed in Mangrol, Surat, India. The high-end facility, with three production lines and a production capacity of 50,000 metric tonnes per annum, has allowed Skretting to further enhance support for its customers and the Indian aquaculture sector.

Skretting has been providing innovative and sustainable nutritional solutions and services for the aquaculture industry, working closely with shrimp and fish farmers. 

It has 30 production facilities in 18 countries on five continents and manufactures and delivers high-quality feeds from hatching to harvest for more than 60 species.

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