NORWAY – Skretting, a global leader in aquafeed solutions, has launched Optiline Catfish, a dedicated grower feed designed to optimize the performance and efficiency of farmed catfish, particularly in the African market where catfish serves as a vital source of protein and livelihood security.

Recognizing the significance of catfish farming in Africa, particularly in countries like Nigeria, Skretting has developed Optiline Catfish to meet the specific nutritional requirements of African catfish while ensuring cost-efficiency for producers. 

Formulated and manufactured largely in Nigeria, this new feed solution replaces Skretting’s existing Essential diet and aims to enhance the economic viability of catfish farming.

Optiline Catfish is the result of over three years of development, incorporating insights from industry stakeholders and leveraging Skretting’s expertise in nutritional science. 

Developed over more than three years, with the input and ongoing support of many industry-leading stakeholders, Optiline Catfish is designed to provide maximum value for farmers of this fish and to support sustainable farming practices,” says Leiner Lache, Global marketing manager for Warm Water Species at Skretting.

By delivering optimized and consistent digestible nutrients and energy tailored to African catfish, the feed promotes optimal growth rates and feed conversion efficiency, addressing the sector’s demand for higher productivity.

Leiner Lache highlighted the feed’s value in supporting sustainable farming practices and meeting the rising demand for healthy protein. 

He emphasized that Optiline Catfish enables farmers to achieve cost efficiencies, thereby positioning them to capitalize on market opportunities driven by population growth.

Omoyele James, Formulator Manager at Skretting Nigeria, underscored the feed’s positive impact on fish welfare and feed conversion ratio (FCR), based on successful validation trials. 

He expressed excitement about bringing this cost-oriented solution to the African market, particularly Nigeria, one of the top-producing countries for African catfish.

Optiline Catfish follows Skretting’s stringent quality assurance criteria, ensuring the use of approved feed ingredients and suppliers through the global Nutrace program. Furthermore, Skretting’s digital platform AquaSim facilitates precise feed management, minimizing environmental impacts and promoting sustainable farming practices.

Covering growth requirements from 40g to 1.5kg, Optiline Catfish provides a comprehensive solution for catfish farmers, offering tailored nutrition throughout various stages of fish growth. 

With its launch in Nigeria and plans for expansion into other key catfish production regions, Optiline Catfish represents a significant advancement in optimizing catfish farming efficiency and sustainability.

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