INDIA – Skretting, a global leader in aquafeed solutions, has unveiled Armis, a functional feed specially designed to support the resilience of shrimp facing challenging conditions. 

Debuting in India, Armis aims to provide optimal nutrition to safeguard farm performance amidst the persistent environmental challenges that shrimp aquaculture encounters.

Shrimp farming has emerged as a vital contributor to global food security, experiencing rapid growth in recent decades. 

However, shrimp’s inherent dependency on their environment exposes them to various challenges, including Enterocytozoon hepatopenai (EHP) and other parasites, which can hamper production and profitability.

Traditionally, farmers grappling with such challenges resorted to feeding affected stocks with increased volumes of feed, which escalated costs and reduced profitability. Armis presents a practical solution to this dilemma, offering support for shrimp resilience and growth under adverse conditions.

Developed over three years by leveraging Skretting’s extensive knowledge of shrimp nutritional requirements and digestive capabilities, Armis incorporates the latest phytogenic technology. 

Christian Delannoy, Skretting’s Global Product Manager for health, emphasized, “Stemming from Skretting’s dedication to providing sustainable and effective solutions to aquaculture challenges globally, Armis represents a significant advancement for maintaining productivity in shrimp farming.

Field trials conducted in India have demonstrated Armis’ efficacy in restoring and maintaining growth in challenged shrimp populations. 

Dr. Raghavendrudu Gullipalli, Product Manager at Skretting India, highlighted Armis’s significance in addressing prevalent gut-related issues in the Indian shrimp farming industry and thereby supporting sustainable growth.

Following its successful launch in India, Armis is poised for strategic expansion across other Asian producer countries. The comprehensive R&D validation process ensures not only efficacy but also a profound understanding of the mechanisms underlying Armis’ effectiveness.

Nutreco commits to going green

Meanwhile, Nutreco, Skretting’s parent company, has announced a groundbreaking decision to transition all its facilities to green electricity. 

This strategic move is projected to slash the company’s scope 1 and 2 emissions by approximately 22%, equivalent to a reduction of around 90,000 tonnes of CO2 annually. 

Currently, Nutreco’s operations in eight countries, including Ecuador, Spain, and Brazil, are already powered by 100% renewable electricity. 

The company aims to extend this transition to all its markets where green energy sources are available by the end of 2024, prioritizing countries like Norway, the U.S., Vietnam, China, and Canada.

Claudio Cervellati, Nutreco’s Chief Supply Chain Officer, emphasized the significance of this decision, stating, “This move towards renewable electricity accelerates our transformation and positive impact, aligning with Nutreco’s commitment to reducing emissions and feeding the future. Our relentless focus on energy conservation coupled with the shift to green electricity underscores our dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices.”

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