NORWAY – Skretting, a world leader in the manufacture of aquaculture feeds, has unveiled AmiNova, a groundbreaking feed formulation concept designed to deliver precise nutrition, improve efficiency, and significantly reduce nutrient release into the environment. 

Aquaculture plays a vital role in meeting the nutritional demands of a growing global population while alleviating the strain on natural resources.

Skretting, a leader in aquaculture feed solutions, has consistently pioneered innovations to support this mission. 

Over the past decade, Skretting has significantly reduced reliance on marine raw materials in feed formulations and has continually sought ways to enhance nutritional efficiency.

AmiNova represents Skretting’s latest advancement in feed technology, offering an unprecedented level of precision in fish nutrition. Proteins, composed of various amino acids, are critical to fish health. 

Traditional aquaculture feeds have been formulated based on crude protein and digestible protein. 

However, AmiNova introduces a novel approach by focusing on an ideal digestible amino acid profile, ensuring that fish receive precisely the nutrients they need without excess.

Research and development have demonstrated that AmiNova enables fish to retain nutrients more efficiently while maintaining performance,” said Ramón Fontanillas, Principal Researcher for Shrimp and Warm Water Species Nutrition at Skretting Aquaculture Innovation. “Our trials with salmon and trout have shown a significant reduction in nitrogen discharge into the farm environment.

Developed over three years, AmiNova builds on Skretting’s history of innovation. Previous concepts like MicroBalance, N3, and FLX reduced dependence on fish oil and fish meal. 

Skretting also launched Infinity, a salmon feed entirely free of marine raw materials. AmiNova is the next step in this journey, emphasizing precision nutrition to further reduce environmental emissions.

At Skretting, we pride ourselves on groundbreaking innovation,” said Alex Obach, Innovation Director at Skretting. “With AmiNova, we continue our commitment to sustainable aquaculture practices by providing our customers with a feed concept that ensures higher nutritional efficiency and significantly reduces nutrient release into the environment.

The first AmiNova-formulated feed will be available in the Chilean salmonid market in Q3 2024, with additional species and markets to follow in 2025. 

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