NORWAY- Aquaculture feed giant, Skretting, has made waves in the industry with the launch of its latest innovation, Cosmos – a premium grower feed meticulously crafted for farmed barramundi. 

This new diet promises to elevate fish performance and farm efficiency, addressing the growing demand for high-quality barramundi in seafood markets worldwide.

Barramundi, renowned for its delicate flavor and versatility, is experiencing a surge in popularity across global markets. In response to this burgeoning demand, Skretting has invested three years of extensive research and development to curate Cosmos. 

Leveraging their profound understanding of barramundi’s nutritional needs and digestive physiology, Skretting aims to empower producers to optimize fish growth and farm productivity.

The formulation of Cosmos is tailored to deliver precisely balanced levels of digestible protein, energy, and phosphorus, thereby enhancing growth rates while minimizing feed conversion ratios. 

Rigorous trials have confirmed Cosmos’ superiority over existing feed products, demonstrating its ability to achieve superior growth performance and feed efficiency.

Leiner Lache, Skretting’s Global Marketing Manager for Warm Water Species, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “These are very exciting times for the barramundi sector, and Cosmos is a feed solution that will not only support producers looking to scale up their operations cost-effectively but also help them maximize the value of their fish.

Echoing this sentiment, Pinar Demir Soker, Product Manager for Warm Water Species at Skretting Australia, emphasized the significance of Cosmos in supporting sustainable growth within the Australian barramundi industry. 

She highlighted the collaborative efforts between Skretting’s global research and development teams and local experts to create a bespoke diet tailored to the specific needs of Australian barramundi producers.

Trials conducted by Skretting Australia since 2022 have yielded promising results, with Cosmos demonstrating consistent success in real-world farming environments. Early adopters of Cosmos, such as Coral Coast Barramundi in far north Queensland, have reported significant improvements in fish performance, reaffirming the product’s efficacy.

Justin Forrester, General Manager at Coral Coast Barramundi and Spring Creek Barramundi, lauded Cosmos as the pinnacle of barramundi feed, remarking, “We extensively use Cosmos on our farms and are very impressed with the significant improvements to fish performance. It’s clear that the research that has gone into the product has taken Skretting’s understanding of Barramundi nutrition to the next level.

With an initial rollout in Australia, Cosmos is poised to revolutionize barramundi farming practices globally, offering producers a high-performing, sustainable feed solution aligned with Skretting’s stringent quality and sustainability standards.

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