SOUTH AFRICA – GWK Farm Foods, a farmer-owned South African agribusiness operating from its head-office in the Northern Cape, has commissioned a 1 MW solar PV system at its Christiana maize mill in a bold move towards sustainability.

This ground-mounted, grid-tied solar PV system designed and constructed by Energy Gurus, will significantly reduce the mill’s reliance on traditional grid power and support the company’s goals for sustainability and energy security.

The 1 MW capacity results in significant cost savings for GWK and positively impacts the environment by reducing carbon emissions,” stated Decentral Energy, the independent power producer behind the project.

The recent power purchase agreement between Decentral Energy and GWK Farm Foods highlights the rapid and efficient adoption of renewable energy solutions.

Philip Labuschagne, executive director of grain processing at VKB Agri Processors, which GWK Farm Foods became a part of after the merger of GWK and VKB Groups in May 2023, emphasized the importance of this development:

Sustainability and energy security are crucial for efficiency and productivity, especially in a milling environment. This solar PV system marks a major advancement in reducing GWK Farm Foods’ environmental footprint and enhancing the reliability of its electricity supply.”

Christian Bode, executive director of Decentral Energy, added: “We are enthusiastic about working together with GWK Farm Foods to deliver eco-friendly solar energy to their Christiana Maize Mill. This project demonstrates how quickly renewable energy solutions can be deployed, delivering immediate cost savings and environmental benefits.”

The new solar PV system at the Christiana maize mill represents a significant step towards greener energy and operational efficiency for GWK Farm Foods.

This come after the company, recently, released a new range of premium consumer foods. Nature’s Farms, a true South African farmer brand during the unveiling of the new multi-million rand GWK Farm Foods wheat mill, pasta plant and biscuit factory in Modder River, not far from Kimberley.

According to the company, the new Nature’s Farms pasta, biscuits, wheat flour and maize meal would soon be available in major retail outlets in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, the Free State and the Northern Cape, with the full product line planned for distribution across the country in the near future.

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