SOUTH AFRICA – Jumbo and Cash & Carry stores, a renowned wholesale business in South Africa, have introduced Econo Maize Meal, a private-label maize meal, to alleviate the pressure faced by consumers amidst soaring food prices.

Jumbo and Cash & Carry are hoping to introduce Econo Maize Meal as not just a product but as an inclusive solution for families across different income groups.

According to country data, South Africans consume an average of 81kg of maize meal per capita annually, surpassing bread consumption by fourfold and rice by nearly sevenfold.

In response to the burgeoning demand for this essential commodity, Econo Maize Meal stands out for its affordability, as it is approximately 10% cheaper than other similar products in South Africa, making it the most affordable maize meal available.

Available at Jumbo and Cash & Carry outlets, Econo Maize Meal caters to the widespread reliance on white maize meal, the nation’s most consumed staple.

Commenting on the brand, Paul Barnett, the senior buyer for food at Masscash revealed that the product has so far proven to be the maize choice of choice, with a taste test of 450 people, 65% preferred Econo Maize Meal over a similar product.

According to him, consistent data is highlighting the ongoing trend of food prices outpacing the general inflation rate, which stood at 5.4% in early 2023.

Recognizing the vital role of maize meal as a staple in South African households, the retailer has committed to easing the cost of living by debuting an affordable offering.

“The enduring nature of these increases has impacted consumers, prompting a reassessment of their grocery priorities. As a retail brand, our commitment is to continuously explore avenues to make a tangible difference for our customers—be it by positively influencing their budgets or providing opportunities to maximise the value of their spending,” he noted.

Econo Maize Meal is available at all Jumbo and Cash & Carry stores nationwide – kilograms and prices will vary according to availability per region, per store.

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