CHINA- SternIngredients, a leading global provider of innovative food ingredient solutions, marked a significant milestone as they celebrated the grand inauguration of their state-of-the-art facility in Suzhou. 

This new facility was launched during Muhlenchemie’s Chinese edition of its 100-year anniversary, held on 15th September 2023. 

Wheat flour has been a staple in much of today’s China for thousands of years. Yet Milling and baking in China today are like ‘fast forward’ versions of other markets,” Hendrik Moegenburg, Regional Director for Asia, stated emphasizing the transformation of China’s flour industry. 

Moegenburg also highlighted the phenomenal growth that China’s milling industry has experienced for the last twelve years it has operated in the Asian country. 

When MC first started its activities in the country around the start of the new millennium, there were an estimated number of 40,000 flour mills operating in China. The industry has since professionalized and consolidated at breakneck speed, with the largest milling groups today approaching 80,000 MT daily milling capacity.”

The company also provides that the rapid industrialization of bakeries and an increasing appetite for baked goods among China’s burgeoning middle class have set the stage for a unique opportunity. 

In response to this growth, SternIngredients aims to assist millers in enhancing expertise, transparency, and regulatory compliance, in collaboration with their sister company, DeutscheBack.

Inaugural event 

At the new facility launch, Roman Kraus, General Manager of SternIngredients China, expressed gratitude for the esteemed guests present at the inauguration. 

We were greatly honored to celebrate the grand inauguration with more than 200 guests and high-ranking representatives of local and provincial government,” Kraus emphasized.

The inaugural event showcased the new 8,000 sqm facility, including application laboratories, offices, and a 3D virtual tour of the manufacturing floor and warehouses. Technical workshops and a live-streamed main-stage event engaged around 3,000 virtual attendees. 

Sven Mattutat, Head of Product Management, Tip Keng Pong, Director of R&D and Technical Service for Asia, and Fion Tang, Technical Manager of SternVitamin at SternIngredients Asia-Pacific, joined forces with SternIngredients China’s technical team to share a wealth of technical knowledge with milling professionals from all over China.

The celebration continued into the evening with a banquet and lively entertainment, showcasing SternIngredients’ commitment to driving advancements in the flour industry and fostering strong relationships within the community.

This year, Muhlenchemie has been celebrating 100 years of existence in different events globally. Earlier this year, the company also rebranded to MC following careful market analysis and customer surveys. 

Additionally, in September, Mühlenchemie announced the launch of a new collection of ingredients for the milling and baking industry at a conference held to celebrate 100 years of understanding flour, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mühlenchemie also launched a new award for composite flour research in which Yusuf Kewuyemi, a doctoral student at the University of Johannesburg, was the top winner for his development of 3D-printed crackers from processed whole-grain flour made of African-grown peas and quinoa.