SUDAN – Ukraine has delivered a shipment of 14.6 thousand tonnes of wheat flour to Sudan under Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s Grain from Ukraine initiative with the support of the World Food Organization.

This marks the second consignment of humanitarian aid under this initiative to Sudan, forming part of food packages intended for 2 million people affected by the war.

The initial batch of 7,600 tonnes of wheat arrived at the port of Khartoum (Sudan) on February 22, 2024.

According to the World Food Programme (WFP), the donors of these shipments include Germany, contributing US$ 15 million, and several other countries, namely Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea, Slovenia, and Spain, who collectively financed the second shipment of flour for USD 23.8 million.

This encompasses the transportation expenses of the wheat from Ukraine to Sudan, along with its implementation and distribution within the country to those in need.

The WFP reported that the first batch was sufficient to sustain a million people for a month.

“This donation will enable WFP to support people whose lives have been completely upended by the war. We are deeply grateful to Ukraine and Germany for supporting the Sudanese people in their greatest hour of need,” WFP’s Country Director in Sudan Eddie Rowe said.

With the current donation, the WFP aims to distribute food packages to 2 million people in Sudan affected by the war.

Amidst the ongoing conflict wreaking havoc on human rights across the country, the WFP is tirelessly working to urgently deliver critical food assistance to families in Sudan grappling with skyrocketing food insecurity.

WFP underscores that this donation has arrived at a critical time in Sudan’s hunger crisis as fighting continues to spread ahead of the lean season in May, when food typically becomes scarcer, and hunger rises.

According to the UN, the harvest of staple crops (sorghum, millet and wheat) reached 41% below the average over the past 5 years exacerbating the situation.

Therefore, food aid through the Grain from Ukraine initiative is extremely important to save lives and prevent an even worse situation.

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