USA – Sunrise Flour Mill, LLC, a farmer-owned organic heritage wheat flour miller in Minessota, has announced a strategic partnership with CEAD Farms LLC, in a significant move to bolster the supply of premium organic wheat in the US.

This collaboration is set to ensure a secure and sustainable supply of high-quality organic wheat, meeting the increasing demand for nutritious and easily digestible baking ingredients.

CEAD Farms, a fifth-generation organic farm based in Seibert, Colorado, extends its agricultural reach across Minnesota, Colorado, and various locations throughout the US Midwest and West.

The farm is renowned for its commitment to organic farming practices, making it an ideal partner for Sunrise Flour Mill.

Sunrise Flour Mill, located in North Branch, Minnesota, is dedicated to reviving the wholesome qualities of heritage wheat through a blend of organic, regenerative farming methods and the use of restored 1930s milling technology.

The mill produces a range of heritage wheat products that cater to the needs of health-conscious consumers and those with gluten sensitivities.

Marty Glanville, co-founder of Sunrise Flour Mill, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership:

We’re thrilled to partner with CEAD Farms to help further our mission of reintroducing heritage wheat to the everyday home baker.”

More than just a high-quality, organic, and sustainable supply of wheat, CEAD shares our commitment to investing in organic crops for future generations and the planet.”

This partnership not only secures a steady supply of organically grown heritage wheat for Sunrise Flour Mill but also aligns with both companies’ commitment to sustainable agriculture and community support.

Derek Dykstra of CEAD Farms highlighted the significance of the collaboration.

 “This exciting new partnership with CEAD Farms makes Sunrise Flour Mill one of the only producers of organic heritage grain that grow the wheat they mill, ensuring complete seed-to-sack transparency,” Dykstra stated.

As the market for organic and sustainable food products continues to grow, this strategic partnership positions Sunrise Flour Mill and CEAD Farms at the forefront of the movement, providing consumers with reliable access to premium heritage wheat flour that supports both personal health and the well-being of the planet.

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