SPAIN – Symaga, a leading silos manufacturer headquartered in Madrid, has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainable production practices with a series of strategic investments aimed at bolstering its 4.0 production system. 

Expanding its solar plant’s capacity is central to this initiative, which underscores the company’s dedication to environmental stewardship.

Symaga’s recent endeavors have seen a fourfold increase in the capacity of its solar facility, soaring from 200kW to an impressive 800kW. This expansion marks a substantial leap in the company’s renewable energy utilization and demonstrates its resolve to minimize its ecological footprint. 

Approximately 70% of Symaga’s manufacturing operations are powered by clean, self-generated energy resources.

The company’s overarching objective is to transition its entire production process to rely solely on sustainable supplies in the medium term. This ambitious goal aligns with Symaga’s vision of marrying operational excellence with environmental responsibility.

A notable facet of Symaga’s sustainable production drive is its recent investment in enhancing the manufacturing process of silo roof sectors. 

This investment has yielded a remarkable 30% increase in productivity within the cutting and bending section of the production line.

Symaga procured two state-of-the-art flattening-cutting and bending lines equipped with stiffening rollers to achieve this enhancement. These advanced technologies improve the roof sectors’ structural quality and optimize the flattening process. 

Additionally, the company has integrated a new robot cell dedicated to bending and packaging roof sectors to accommodate the heightened cutting operations.

These strategic investments are part of Symaga’s annual investment plan, which underscores its unwavering commitment to upholding production and operational excellence while championing environmental and occupational safety standards.

Commenting on these developments, Symaga emphasized, “These plans seek to improve our production capacity, a cornerstone of Symaga’s success, ensuring state-of-the-art production supported by a team of 150 professionals capable of handling projects from layout to after-sales.”

In a bid to further augment its sustainable production capabilities, Symaga previously invested in a high-powered laser system. This cutting-edge technology has substantially boosted the company’s productivity by 50% while delivering a significant 75% reduction in electricity consumption and gas emissions during cutting operations.

Modern fiber lasers, such as the one employed by Symaga, have revolutionized the metal-cutting landscape. With the ability to cut through various materials with exceptional precision and efficiency, these lasers have become indispensable assets for manufacturers seeking to optimize their production processes.

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