BANGLADESH – Symaga, a leading manufacturer of grain storage solutions, has recently completed the delivery of two vital silo installations in Bangladesh. 

These installations, commissioned by Danish firm Cimbria, form an integral part of the Bangladesh government’s Modern Food Security Project (MFSP), aimed at bolstering the nation’s agri-food sector to accommodate its burgeoning population.

The first of these installations stands tall in the town of Naranyanganj, comprising 12 Silos SBHX1834/15, while the second finds its place in Barisal, boasting 16 silos SBHX1680/13. These strategically positioned facilities are envisioned to play a crucial role in the storage and distribution of grain across the country.

Bangladesh, grappling with the challenge of ensuring food security for its populace, has initiated a concerted effort to establish grain storage plants at key locations. 

These facilities will be equipped with a sophisticated “Food Stock and Market Monitoring System,” geared towards enhancing oversight of food reserves, transportation logistics, and market dynamics, with the ultimate goal of minimizing inefficiencies in the supply chain.

Symaga’s involvement in Bangladesh’s agricultural landscape dates back significantly, with over 1.5 million cubic meters of storage capacity already established across 150 silos. 

Major agribusiness entities in the country, including City Group, A R Specialized, Auto Rice Mills, Akij, and Basundhara, have long entrusted Symaga’s industrial silos to safeguard their grain reserves.

Beyond the recent projects with Cimbria, Symaga has left an indelible mark on Bangladesh’s infrastructure, having contributed to various ventures such as port terminals and feed mills. 

Notably, the company is slated to commence the assembly of the Chittagong terminal in the coming weeks, further solidifying its footprint in the region.

Headquartered in Villarta de San Juan, Spain, Symaga specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of galvanized steel silos, catering to a diverse array of industries including brewing, feed production, and bioethanol manufacturing. 

Its commitment to advancing food security aligns seamlessly with Bangladesh’s vision for agricultural development.

Reflecting on its role in Bangladesh’s food security initiatives, Symaga reaffirmed its dedication to its corporate mission of contributing to global food sustainability.

As the MFSP progresses, Symaga looks forward to continuing its collaboration by supplying silos for future grain storage plants, thus reinforcing its commitment to nourishing communities worldwide.

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