SPAIN- Madrid-based silos manufacturer, Symaga, will double its productivity thanks to the recently-installed 8kw laser. 

Symaga manufactures galvanized steel silos offering grain processors impressive storage solutions that are durable and safe to use in the food industry. 

According to cutting and automation expert, MicroStep, modern fiber lasers can cut mild steel up to a thickness of more than 25 mm, stainless steel up to 15 mm, aluminum up to 15 mm, brass up to 8 mm, and copper up to 6 mm, and maintain very good quality while at it. 

However, the new laser technology that Symaga brought on board allows the silo manufacturer to process steel of up to 30mm, hence increasing the capabilities of the company. 

These increased abilities will not only increase productivity by 50% but also provide an overall 75% savings in electricity and a reduction in the amount of gas during cutting operations.

Symaga, a manufacturer of galvanized steel silos, is investing to increase productivity while being environmentally friendly.

The welding section has also made considerable progress over the last few months as the company strives to achieve its sustainability goal. 

For example, there is progress in real-time monitoring of all robot tasks, allowing the company to gather relevant manufacturing production data.

While committed to our mission of increasing the quality standards of our silos, we continue investing in start-of-the-art manufacturing equipment by preserving our core values: sustainable development and safety” Sygama comments. 

The new UPN welding group and the new robot are much more potent since they are made of pulsed arc welding equipment that increases speed and improves work on hard surface edges. 

Additionally, ventilated welding screens have been purchased to prevent workers from breathing in welding gases.

Symaga has been keen on optimizing its operations to enhance sustainability and efficiency in various ways. 

For example, the company recently built up its recycling units by using more containers to efficiently separate cardboard paper. 

Additionally, two existing recycling areas were extended and restructured to generate more movement freedom and facilitate unloading. 

Moreover, this company whose 50% of energy comes from renewable sources, renovated 25% of its forklift fleet from combustion motors to electric, advancing its sustainability efforts further. 

We are proud at Symaga because our factory produces silos in a more sustainable way,” the company said. “Our objective is to be leading the future steps to sustainability.

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