TANZANIA – Tanzania has commenced building a modern industrial park project located at Disunyara and Kikongo, Mlandizi District of Kibaha in the coast region, set to revitalize the country’s economy.

At a projected cost of 3.5 trillion (US$1.4B) until completion, the project is an investment of the Kakama Company Limited of Dar es Salaam in collaboration with the Government of Tanzania.

Dr. Ashatu Kijaji, the Minister of Industry and Trade, while visiting the project noted that Tanzania decided not to be left behind by the fourth revolution hence the focus on industrial development to build the country in various fields.

The park covers 1077 acres and is expected to establish 202 factories providing direct employment to about 30,000 local youths.

In detail, the project is divided into 210 plots, of which 202 plots are for industries, two power stations, two commercial areas, three community services, one dry port, and road networks.

Dr. Ashatu reiterated that even though the National Development Vision ends in 2025, the government is dedicated to establishing industries in the region with the ability to employ a large number of citizens.

“We have combined efforts to ensure that the goals are fulfilled, and we congratulate President Samia Suluhu Hassan for her willingness to show that the future of the country’s economy is in the hands of the private sector.”

The minister congratulated the investor for his willingness to invest, saying the goal is for the private sector to sustain the country’s economy.

Earlier, the project’s Executive Director, Eng Charles Bilinga through his statement said preliminary estimates show that at least 200,000 jobs will result from the industrial investment for the residents of the surrounding areas.

“Direct jobs when the project is completed are estimated to reach 30,000, which will also facilitate the increase of the national income through various taxes, production activities of goods and raw materials,” he said.

He said that the project started in October 2021 with the construction of the main gate and a fence around the entire area of the industrial zone with a length of about 9 kilometers for the security of the park, construction of a police station, an administrative block, an office block and a building for housing firemen, a clinic and a 54-megawatt power station.

For his part, the Finance and Marketing Officer of the project, Tumaini Kabengula said that until now there have been 10 contracts for the purchase of plots for the construction of industries, with 24 plots pending signing of the contracts.

Additionally, three investors have already started the initial stages of construction and five others who have signed the contracts will start construction this year, Tumaini noted.

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