USA – The Andersons, Inc., a leading provider of plant nutrients, has announced plans to expand its wholesale fertilizer distribution terminal in Lordstown, Ohio, US.

The envisioned expansion project will include a new 10,000-ton storage building, increasing dry bulk storage by nearly 65%, according to World Grain report.

 The project will also feature enhancements to the receiving system and loadout automation process, the report indicated.

The Lordstown facility is a subsidiary of the Anderson Inc group, an essential agribusiness with diverse interests in the commodity merchandising, renewables, and plant nutrient industries.

Founded in 1998, the major milestone comes at a time when the Lordstown facility is celebrating its 25th anniversary, Andy Spahr, vice president of wholesale for The Andersons said.

According to Operations Manager Josh Kurth, the expansion will also boost dry bulk storage capacity increasing it from the current 15,500 to 25,500 tons.

In addition, he said that the new receiving system will improve unloading capacity from 300 to 500 tons per hour, allowing the company to resupply the warehouse much quicker during periods of high demand.

Josh further revealed that the automation of the loadout process has been completed, streamlining traffic flows and reducing loading times by 25%.

Andy Spahr added that the investment, which is expected to be completed by the fall of 2023 will further support Anderson’s commitment to growing with its customers.

We look forward to the positive impact this project will have, supplying key nutrients for agricultural production when and where it matters most, positioning the Lordstown facility to serve the market for the next 25 years”, Andy stated.

Meanwhile, the expansion comes after the recent launch of ‘ MicroMark DG’, a new line of granular micronutrients featuring dispersing granule (DG) technology for versatile granular micronutrient fertilizers.

According to Andersons, the new technology allows for homogeneous spherical granules for easier blending, spreading, and increased efficacy.

The company also assured that the products have already proven their usefulness in initial trials and have the potential for improving soil health and overall plant nutrition.

According to the company, the MicroMark DG products can be used as a dry starter, dry broadcast, strip-till, or side dressing for a variety of crop applications.

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