USA- European family-owned dog food company The Rockster is expanding its footprint by introducing its bio-organic, superfood products for dogs to the United States to tap into the demand for premium pet food. 

According to the pet food company, its products will be distributed by Phillips Pet Food & Supplies to more than 120 independent pet retail locations throughout the country.

With this debut, The Rockster will be the only dog food in the United States that is certified bio-organic, an extremely strict European organic food standard. 

According to the company, pet foods that are certified bio-organic in Europe must meet high quality standards and be made using only unprocessed, raw, human-grade ingredients that are free from antibiotics, chemicals, growth hormones, pesticides and steroids.

At Rockster we believe our dogs are our rocks in life, and what they eat is the single most important decision they trust us to make for them,” co-founder Zoe Ley said. 

Zoe hopes that the company’s unprecedented transparency is a step in encouraging 100% ingredient transparency in the pet food industry and a reduction in the systemic use of antibiotics in agriculture. 

No dog was ever born allergic to beef or chicken, and it is tragic to see exponential increase in immune system-related diseases in our pets,” she added. 

Leveraging nutritional science to create its recipes, The Rockster is establishing “new standards in ultra-premium food for dogs,” offering products that include complete-and-balanced wet dog foods boasting bio-organic certification. 

The company provide that the dog food contains at least 80% bio-organic meat, which is not exposed to any antibiotics or growth hormones; as well as bio-organic, plant-based superfoods. 

The different recipes also contain fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate, which provides prebiotics to help support nutrient absorption and microbiome health in dogs. 

Moreover, the formulas are free from grains, peas, lentils and legumes, making them suitable for dogs that are prone to allergies, according to The Rockster.

To ensure bio-organic certification, The Rockster sourcing ingredients that have not been exposed or consumed any antibiotics, growth hormones or chemicals. 

Additionally, to create its products, the company gently poaches its formulas in air-tight, plastic free- BPA-free tin containers using extremely low temperatures, creating a sous-vide style product to maintain nutrients and fatty acids during the cooking process.

Phillips, the american suppliers of the premium pet food, expressed eagerness to partner with the bio-organic dog food company.

Phillips is excited to be working with the Ley Family to finally bring the super-premium Rockster brand exclusively to our customers in the United States,” said Jessica Morris, senior vice president of merchandising and marketing for Phillips Pet Food & Supplies. 

She added that the pet industry, influenced by human health and wellness trends, is seeing more health-focused products like Rockster, which is committed to transparency, traceability and the highest quality ingredients.

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