SOUTH AFRICA – Albany, Tiger Brands’ Bakeries business has announced a refreshed corporate brand positioning to showcase better the company’s realness.

Engineering News reports that the introduction of a new brand positioning for Albany is one of the focus areas for Tiger Brands as the company works to grow volume in the general trade while maintaining the momentum in gaining market share in the competitive top-end grocer segment.

According to the Company, the positioning is a result of a five-year strategic roadmap for the business that the Tiger Brands Bakeries management team committed to execute, aimed at driving volume growth and strengthening the business’ position through innovation.

Albany is bringing ‘real’ back to life and reminding South Africans that bread is at the centre of some of the most beautiful but simple everyday moments, even in the not-so-good times,” said Lorraine de Graaff, Tiger Brand Bakeries’ marketing director

Graaff added, “Whether it’s indulging in a perfectly made sandwich, mopping up the last bits of gravy with a fresh slice of bread or knowing you can always rely on a fresh loaf when load-shedding strikes unexpectedly, Albany is the perfect bread for an imperfect world.”

The Bakeries category is also benefiting from a focused capital expenditure (capex) rollout program at key bakeries. These investments aim to drive innovation and automation, as well as improve efficiencies.

Over the past decade, Tiger Brands has invested approximately R9.6 billion (USword-sub07 million) in capital expenditures (capex) to enhance capacity and optimize operational efficiencies in its Bakeries division.

This includes investments in building new bakeries in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, and Bellville, the Western Cape.

On his part, Zayd Abrahams, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of Tiger Brands stated that Tiger Brands acknowledges the significance of revitalizing the Albany brand in a manner that is clearly differentiated from other brands.

To maintain its leadership position and continue growing in the highly competitive local bread category, Abrahams added, Tiger aims to achieve sustainable long-term growth while staying true to its purpose of nourishing and nurturing more lives every day.

Through a series of interactive workshops with consumers, the company says that it was evident that the brand’s position should be centred on the idea of ‘bringing real back to life.

When we look at the bread category, we see unrealistic expectations of perfectionism in society reflected through communications and overall representation of people, life, and bread.

The bread category perpetuates this in their picture-perfect curation of everyday life and bread moments that don’t reflect reality.

Albany challenges this stereotype by holding up and celebrating ‘real’ – real people, real bread moments and real life,” said De Graaff.

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