USA- TraceGains, the world’s only networked ingredients marketplace, has added Supplier Management Pro to its TraceGains Gather platform to optimize supplier documentation. 

According to the company, the new feature, Supplier Management Pro, centralizes and optimizes supplier documentation and data for emerging brands, growth-oriented startups, and industry innovators.  

So much of energy in the industry right now is coming from small, determined, creative organizations, whether emerging startups or innovation teams within big brands,” said Paul Bradley, senior director of product marketing, TradeGains. “Our mission is to meet brands where they are and scale with them as they grow.”

According to the ingredients marketplace, TradeGains’ Supplier Management Pro solution allows brands to source and qualify ingredients and suppliers with integrated access to TraceGains Gather, connect with suppliers, centralize supplier documents, and manage document requests. 

It also allows brands to create and manage digital supplier records and keep track of items supplied, manage items at the ingredient level of the supply chain, with detailed documentation and data, and map global intelligence data and alerts to unique supply chains, providing proactive and timely information on risks, regulatory developments, and research.

According to the company, in keeping with its industry leadership position, TraceGains Gather, now with Supplier Management Pro, puts disruptive, innovative companies on pace to hurdle traditional growth barriers and transform the food and beverage supply chain. 

TraceGains Gather is an innovative marketplace for information exchange that enables food and beverage brands to capitalize on speed and agility to remain competitive amid shifting market conditions and fluctuating supply. 

With the addition of Supplier Management Pro, brands now have an easier way to ensure compliance amid a rapidly changing marketplace.

As a food and beverage brand, we need technology solutions that drive compliance and facilitate risk mitigation in our supply chain, all while being cost-effective. It’s a laundry list!” said Maria White, supplier quality manager of Hudsonville Creamery and Ice Cream. 

Thankfully, TraceGains Gather has provided us with the meticulous data gathering and collaborative prowess we needed to completely transform our supplier management program. Because of TraceGains, we are now more compliant, more informed, and have better tools for tackling the supply chain challenges we face daily,” she added. 

TraceGains invites growth-focused brands and disruptive teams to experience the transformative power of Supplier Management Pro to utilize the full potential of the platform.

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