BRAZIL- The highly anticipated Tropical Food Innovation Lab was recently inaugurated, marking a historic milestone in the Brazilian food industry. 

The lab, a cutting-edge initiative designed to bolster the nation’s food chain, was made possible through a groundbreaking public-private partnership involving renowned entities such as Bühler Group, Cargill, Givaudan, ITAL (Instituto de Tecnologia de Alimentos), and Food Tech Hub Latam.

The grand inauguration ceremony witnessed the convergence of 200 individuals, including dignitaries, corporate leaders, representatives from both public and private sectors in the food industry, and the national press. 

The event commenced with an official opening at the ITAL auditorium, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony that led to an enlightening guided tour of the newly established lab’s state-of-the-art facilities.

One of the standout features of this innovative lab is the extrusion laboratory, which specializes in producing textured proteins and cereals. It is equipped with cutting-edge Swiss Bühler technology, setting a new standard in food production. 

Additionally, the application laboratory boasts equipment provided by Bühler for experimenting with various products, including wafers, biscuits, aeration of creams, chocolates, and other fat-based products. This new facility promises to drive the development of healthier and more sustainable food products.

Demokitchen, a space within the lab, served as a culinary showcase for the potential of vegetable proteins. Renowned chefs were on hand to demonstrate how innovative food technologies can combine diverse aromas and flavors, providing a glimpse of the exciting possibilities in store.

Damien Chapelier, Head of South America for Bühler Group, highlighted the strategic importance of the Tropical Food Innovation Lab, 

The Tropical Food Innovation Lab reinforces the strategic relevance of the region for Bühler, which this year celebrates 70 years of presence in Brazil. Now, we continue our commitment to innovation and research to make the development of healthier, more sustainable, affordable, nutritious, and delicious food real,” he stated.

The lab’s mission is clear: to revolutionize the Brazilian food industry by promoting healthier, sustainable, accessible solutions that harness the nation’s rich biodiversity. 

Through the collaboration of academic institutions, private companies, investors, and the dynamic entrepreneurial and startup community, the Tropical Food Innovation Lab aims to be at the forefront of global food innovation.

The inauguration of this visionary lab represents a giant leap forward in the evolution of the Brazilian food industry. It brings together the key players in food innovation and research to create a brighter, more sustainable future for Brazil’s food ecosystem. 

The collective efforts of Bühler Group, Cargill, Givaudan, ITAL, and Food Tech Hub Latam, coupled with the lab’s cutting-edge facilities, are set to inspire a new era of nutritious, delicious, and sustainable food products that will benefit consumers and the environment alike.