TURKEY- Ankara-based equipment manufacturer, Erkaya, has introduced its Harinograph and Elastograph to measure essential parameters for the flour milling industry.

Founded in 2001, Erkaya is a leading manufacturer of “far beyond the ordinary” wheat and flour analyzing instruments and improvers for flour mills and bakeries.

Being ISO 9001:2000 certified, Erkaya exports its offerings worldwide, carrying out installations in different countries, including Ethiopia, Chile, Iran, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.  

Its new offerings are revolutionary, measuring the effects of different ingredients in milling and baking operations. 

The elastograph, for example, measures extensibility and resistance to extension, helping operators make reliable statements about the baking behavior of the dough.

In so doing, the elastograph shows the influence of flour additives like ascorbic acid, enzymes (e.g. proteinases), and emulsifiers in flour. This permits the determination of the rheological properties of each flour, and its adjustment to the rheological optimum for the respective purpose.

These parameters determine optimum rheological standards of flour and dough quality allowing for the production of flour that is easy to handle during processing.

In addition, the Elastograph is specially designed to expedite the testing procedure. The system has four independent fermentation cabins that allow for efficient analysis of these parameters.

Moreover, it conforms to all international standards and has an integrated touchscreen display of water absorption, stability, extensibility, and energy results for ease of operation. 

On the other hand, the Harinograph measures water absorption, dough development time, stability, and degree of softening. 

These are important measures in the baking industry, and measuring them with the Harinograph takes a lot of the time involved in decision-making out of the equation. 

The Harinograph also gives visual graphical results to these measures, making it easy for operators to use them. 

Erkaya has visual demonstrations of the use of these analyzers on their websites, helping operators navigate the process of using them easily upon purchase. 

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