TURKEY- Istanbul-based Şadanlar Pet, a producer of dry and wet pet food, has opened a new factory in the Ezine Gıda organized industrial zone, in the country’s western part, amid rising demand for its products. 

This Turkish company, having been in existence for almost four decades, produces pet food under the flagship Dr. Sacchi brand. 

Additionally, the company distributes various foreign pet food brands in the Turkish market. 

According to Şadanlar Pet, these foreign brands include Canadian Champion Petfoods’ Acana and Orijen, and also Gim Cat, Gim Dog, and Biokat, three brands owned by German pet food maker H. Von Gimborn GmbH. 

According to Mahmut Tatlıdil, business development director at Turkish machinery producer Yemmak, which supplied the manufacturing equipment to the Şadanlar Pet plant, the new factory is the first production facility of this type to comply with both U.S. and European standards.

At this recently commissioned facility, we took into account the latest worldwide trends and technological developments, and also implemented a maximum level of global standards,” Tatlıdil revealed to local news agency Ihlas Haber Ajansı. 

The recently launched production facility is fitted with a total surface of about 4,000 sq. m. (43,056 sq. ft.), located on a land plot of about 12,000 sq. m. 

Initially, as the plant starts its operations, it will provide 100 jobs in the investment’s first phase. 

Additionally, Şadanlar Pet will increase the facility’s workforce once it reaches its full capacity, according to representatives of the Ezine Gıda organized industrial zone. 

While the new plant is expected to bolster the company’s capacity to produce wet and dry pet food, the company has not disclosed the value of this latest investment.

Apart from the sale and distribution of pet food, locally produced and imported, Şadanlar Pet says its product portfolio also includes pet accessories. 

These accessories include Dr.Sacchi Munchy Bone Color chewy bones that promote the dental hygiene of pet dogs. 

This expansion seems like a very timely investment in a growing industry. 

According to data obtained by local news agency Anadolu Agency over the past years, Turkish pet food exporters have posted double-digit increases in export sales, reaching about US$176.2 million in 2021.

The Turkish government has been very supportive to manufacturers, and in total, there are 353 organized industrial zones in Turkey. 

The country’s authorities provide the zones with ready-to-use infrastructure and utilities to attract investors to various areas across the country.

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