TÜRKIYE — The 2024 wheat harvest in Türkiye is projected to reach approximately 20 million tons, with an ambitious target for annual flour exports set at US$1.5 billion, according to a sector representative.

Mehmet Mesut Çakmak, Vice President of the Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation (TUSAF) and President of the Southeastern Flour Industrialists’ Association (GUSAD), announced the projections amidst varying agricultural conditions across the country.

Last year saw the highest wheat harvest in recent years, but this year, rainfall has decreased, especially in Central Anatolia, leading to a decline in the harvest,” Çakmak stated.

However, he expressed optimism about production in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, predicting a 10 percent increase due to favorable rainfall averages.

This year, 65 percent of the crop in our region consists of durum wheat. The world’s best durum wheat is grown in our region,” he added, underscoring the quality and potential of the region’s yield.

Çakmak also emphasized the critical need for increased government support for farmers.

According to him, the government increases its yearly purchases to support farmers.

The Turkish Grain Board [TMO] purchased 13.5 million tons of wheat last year, and we expect purchases to continue increasing this year. There is not much stock in the market right now, and due to high interest rates, no one has the chance to stock up.”

Highlighting Türkiye’s consistent success in flour exports, Çakmak proudly noted, “Türkiye has been the world champion in flour exports for 15 years. I think we will close the year with $1.5 billion in exports.”

Çakmak also expressed his satisfaction with the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry’s recently announced 2024 TMO grain purchase prices and differential payment supports.

We welcome the decision to set the 2024 bread wheat base price at 11,000 Turkish Liras per ton, including the differential payment. We believe that this decision will significantly support our producers and increase sustainability in the sector,” he said.

This comes after the Turkish Agriculture Ministry announced recently that it will halt wheat imports from June 21 through mid-October to protect Turkey’s farmers from price volatility, secure domestic procurement of raw materials, and create a favorable market environment.

According to a statement from the Ministry, the import halt will last until at least October 15 and is in line with foreign trade measures recommended by the Trade Ministry to safeguard local producers.

Additional measures are expected to support this initiative.

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