USA – The 2023/24 Sorghum Quality Report released by the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) has once again praised sorghum for its consistent quality and resilience. 

For the fifth consecutive year, U.S. sorghum has surpassed U.S. No. 1 certification requirements, maintaining a flawless track record in damage assessment.

The annual report, funded through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service Agricultural Trade Promotion (USDA-FAS) program and the United Sorghum Checkoff Program (USCP), serves as a vital resource for international customers and stakeholders, providing unbiased insights into the quality of the U.S. sorghum crop.

The report’s data was meticulously gathered from 104 samples collected across 15 participating elevators and one farmer in the central and southern regions of the U.S., representing nearly 100% of all U.S. sorghum exports. 

These samples were then analyzed by reputable institutions such as the Amarillo Grain Exchange and the Cereal Quality Lab at Texas A&M University.

One key indicator of sorghum quality is total damage, which measures the percentage of kernels and kernel pieces that are damaged in some way. 

Remarkably, the aggregate test results revealed zero percent damage, reinforcing the exceptional quality standards upheld by U.S. sorghum producers.

The report further delves into various types of damage, including germ-damaged kernels, weather-related damage, and mold-induced damage. U.S. sorghum exhibited minimal damage across all categories, underscoring its robustness and suitability for diverse applications.

In addition to damage assessment, the report also evaluates other quality factors such as kernel diameter, hardness, and protein content. 

These attributes play a crucial role in determining the suitability of sorghum for poultry and livestock feeding, with protein content being particularly significant for its impact on feed conversion efficiency.

The Council’s annual sorghum quality reports are an essential tool for defending our existing export markets and gaining market share in new ones because they show exactly what to expect from U.S. products year-by-year,” said Brent Boydston, USGC chairman.

He highlighted its value as a tool for existing markets and new opportunities, providing stakeholders along the sorghum value chain with invaluable insights into the consistency and reliability of U.S. sorghum products.

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